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Welcome to Palma de Mallorca

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Transcript of Welcome to Palma de Mallorca

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Gastronomía de Mallorca

Welcome to Palma
Fiestas y tradiciones/Festivals and traditions
Places of interest
Shopping Centers
Thank You Very Much
This is Jaime III, were we can find some stores like Loewe, Massimo Dutti and Camper.
This is Festival Park, it's close to Marratxí, near 15 minutes in train, we can find lots of stores and restaurants.
This is Ocimax, here we can find a Cinema, Restaurants, Stores and a Gym.
Here we have Porto Pi, were we can find lot of stores, at the same time we have a Cinema there.
This is Corte Inglés, here in Palma we can find two, one of them in Avenidas, near Plaza España, and the other is in Jaime III.
In January we celebrate Sant Antoni, the patron sint of Animals. The main protagnist are "Els Dimonis" or demons, who were said to have tried to tempt the saint
Saint Sebastian is the patron saint of Palma. The city street are filled with grills, concerts in every street of the capital, plus all kinds of activities and shows. One of the most interesting is the fireworks display which takes place in the Parc de la mar. It is impressive to see the fire mix with the seawater.
In february " Sa Rua" is the parade that gives color and joy to the Mallorcan Carnival
At Easter, it is of great interest to enjoy the processions of Easter Thursday and Friday. On that day, images of Christ and the Virgin Mary are carried though Palma.
The night of San Juan is a magical night. It is celebrated on the 23rd of June. bonifices on the beach and rituals are done to ask for wishes.
Bellver Castle: Situated in Bellver forest and overlooking the bay of Palma it is one of the only four castles in Europe with a round base. Since 1932 it is a museum.
There are rubiols: An important feature in Easter week are rubiols biscuit which can be filled with Jam, cream cottage cheese or cabello de angel.
This is sobrassada: This spicy sausage is a raw cured sausage, made from selected pork meat.
Crespells: They are lard - bases biscuits made with sugar.
Ensaimada: The typical Mallorquin dessert, made of dough and usualliy filled with cream, chocolate or "cabello de angel".
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