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A Successful Day in Ms. Tong's LA/LS Program

A cheat-sheet for how to have a smooth day in a high school special needs program.

Jaime Tong

on 22 July 2011

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Transcript of A Successful Day in Ms. Tong's LA/LS Program

How to have a successful d y What do you need for each class?

binder, books
any special equipment or supplies
Get along with others Follow advice and directions:
Because directions help you do everything right.

If you disagree, then sometimes it's better to keep your opinions to yourself and just follow the directions. Confused?

Ask questions.

Ask for SOME TIME (to think.)
Arrive on time.
Set an alarm to wake-up Say hello or smile to your classmates. Wait your turn to speak to a friend or adult. This is how you show you are listening to teachers/students/friends:

point your shoulders
look at the area around the person's face (or near their eyes)
nod your head
ask a related question
stay on topic!
and wait your turn If you are talking:
check if the person is listening
wait your turn to speak
don't talk for too long
let the other person have a turn
if they are no longer looking at you or listening,
then they might be bored or not interested anymore What do you do then? Ask them if there's something else they want to talk about
End the conversation by saying, 'Well, it was nice talking with you. Catch-up with you another time." Go to your locker, drop off your jacket, backpack,lunch.
Get everything you need for the morning or afternoon. Frustrated or angry?

Ask for a time-out (if possible).

Count 10 deep breaths.

Ask for help or another explanation.

CALMLY tell the person why you feel angry or frustrated.

Think of things that make you happy, to help you calm down.

If the time isn't right, then save the discussion for later and ask to speak to the person later. Don't hurt people's feelings.
You can be kind if you:

Don't sound like you are yelling at someone (the tone).
Say something nice about people.
File away mean thoughts in your brain. (BUT sometimes you just have to pretend, because it's the polite thing to do.) Be organized Be social Be a responsible student at Lord Byng! ? At the end of each class/
OR the end of the day Wait to be dismissed by the teacher,
EVEN if you know it's time to go.

Get ready by writing down reminders/homework.

Empty your desk and bring all your belongings.

Stack your chairs (for some classes).

The teacher tells everyone it's time to go.
Say goodbye to the teacher
(and it's polite to wait for the teacher to reply.) Or else it looks like you don't care
or don't want to follow instructions. What is wrong with this scene? fist bumps are cool. Not this way... Respect personal space.
Hands to yourself. What do you do at the end of class?
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