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Baskets 1

No description

Pyramid Lake Museum

on 18 February 2014

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Transcript of Baskets 1

Hoopu (Baby Basket)
Kawono (Burden Basket)
Used to carry and balance large loads.

Often used during Pinenut harvest.
Yata (Winnowing Basket)
Winnowing baskets are used to roast pinenuts

Pinenuts are a staple food for Great Basin Tribes

Primary material in basketry
Increasingly difficult to find
Used to reinforce
Is a strong, durable material
Continued Tradition
Craddlebaskets are used to bundle, secure, and carry babies.

The baskets comfort and protect the baby.

The design on the hood of the basket indicates the sex of the baby.

Designs that do not touch indicate a boy.
Diamonds or designs that touch indicate a girl.
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