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TLC (Group)

No description

Jennifer Amegor

on 3 June 2013

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Transcript of TLC (Group)

TLC is an ameriacn girl group that formed in 1991 and changed the music industry forever TLC (Group) Early Life Tionne was born with sickle anemia in 1970 to her parents James and Gayle Watkins and has been fighting all her life.
As a child growing up, she didnt have her dad in her life because he left after she born
Lisa was born in 1971 to Wanda and Ronald lopes
Growing she admitted tht she was abused and had an alcohol problem since the age of 15 she ran away in 1990 and moved to atlanta
Chilli was born to Ava Thomas and Abdul Ali as a one night fling
She was a very soft spoken person and was quick to cry but her mother toughened her up Early Success 1991-1994 Later successes 1994-1999 TLC The Beginning Members of the Group: Tionne "T-Boz" Watkins, Lisa "Left Eye" Lopes, Rozonda "Chilli" Thomas.
Date of Birth:T-Boz(April 26 1970), Left Eye (May 27 1971), Chilli (February 27 1971)
They signed with Pebbitone LaFace Records in 1991 After Being signed in 1991 TLC released their first album Oooooohhh... On the TLC Tip and was certfied quadruple platinum within a year.
Their three singles "Ain't too proud to Beg", "Baby Baby Baby" and "What about your friends " all reached No.1 on the Billboard hot 100
Back then they wore Baggy clothes because they wanted to show that you dont need to dress sexy to make it.
On June 9th 1994 Left Eye who was dating Andre Rison at the time burned down his house after a brutal fight. After the incident TLC was heavily publicised and the gained more fans and media since then.
She was ruled with first degree arson and sentenced to five days in jail, 5 yrs probation and $10 000 fine
After doing time in jail she wrote her rap for waterfalls and it turned out to be their biggest hit The End 2000-present On November 15 1994 TLC released their second album called CrazySexyCool and was certified Diamond
Their four singles "Waterfalls", "Creep", "Diggin On You" and "Red Light Special" reached Top 5 on the Billboard Charts.
They won a Grammy for best R&B album and Best Performance as a group.
T-Boz Became a spokesperson for the sickle cell disease association of America
On February 22nd FanMail their third album was released and was certified 6x platinum and won 3 grammys for best album, Best R&B song for No Scrubs and Best R&B performance by a group too Later Successes During the recordings of their fourth album Left Eye decided to make a 3o day spiritual trip to village in Honduras to find peace
She filmed a documentary about her life but she never finished she died on April 25 2002 the 26th day of her retreat, The documentary was called The Last Days Of Left Eye.
TLC as we know it was over and T-boz and Chilli didn't have time to grieve their friend and went on to finish their fourth album 3D
3D wasn't appreciated by the fans and only sold 2 million copies in the US and their singles Damaged and Girls talk reached the top 50 in the charts
In June 2003 the girls did their last performance for 60000 fans in zootopia
Impact on Music They were trendsetters and they made a lot of improvements to the music industry
They were great inspirations for Boys and Girls evrywhere
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