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Territory Training

RU Admisisons New Counselor Training

Mallory Griffith

on 16 August 2016

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Transcript of Territory Training

New Counselor Training
Real Tips from the

Hitting the Road
What to Pack.
A. Give yourself enough time, allow for traffic and any necessary stops.

B. Watch your speed...we don't pay for tickets!

C. Make sure you have cash for tolls...really just cash in general! You never want to get into a cash only situation with nothing but a credit card and good looks.

D. Get familiar with the GPS and all of it's functions.

Pro Tip: Keep everything you need for Lisa in ONE location
Professional Attire 101
Doug Brady
A. High School Visits:
1) Plan for traffic, show up early (but not too early).
2) Check in with main office and bring I.D., then head to guidance.
3) Have business cards, inquiry cards, pens, travel pieces, open house and finaid/scholarship cards.
4) Understand your audience: size of group, location of high school, etc.
5) Leave time for Q&A and don't be afraid to reign the audience back in!
Once you're there....
B. College Fair
1) Plan for traffic and show up 45 minutes to an hour early. This allows time to figure out where to park, where the fair is being held, set-up eat and get comfortable with your surroundings.
2) Have basically everything with you, including name-tag and plenty of materials (esp. in VA)
3) Wear your comfy shoes, because you will be standing the entire time and avoid the urge to play with your cell phone!
4) Dress to impress!!
5) Stay behind your table (this is an actual NACAC rule), but be friendly and inviting.
6) Stay the duration of the fair, do not pack up early even if the fair is slow.
College Fair FAQs
1) How's your English program?
2) What is the rentention rate?
3) What's the average financial aid package?
4) How are the parties?
5) You got hair?
6) What is your minimum GPA/SAT?
7) Did you go to Radford?
8)Do you have pre-med?
9) Do you have physical therapy?
10) Do you have engineering?
11) Is your nursing program competitive?
12) What is the audition process for VPA?
Extra Curricular
Staying Healthy
Watch what you eat; drive thru cuisine does not a healthy diet make!
Get out of your room! Sit down to eat, go explore, walk around and make friends.
Vitamin C, anti-bacterial soap and sanitizer! We come in contact with A LOT of people that want to shake your hand!
Get enough sleep! It's OK to stay in sometimes!
Stay in contact with the office!
Remember that you are representing RU, even when you are not wearing the name-tag.
Check e-mail!
Heading Home
A. Turn in receipts and sign voucher.

B. If you are turning in a rental car, do not fill it up, leave keys and paperwork on Lisa's desk.

C. Inquiry Cards: All 2017 cards MUST be entered within 1 week of meeting that student. need to have CEEB codes on them marked where they came from. Drop off postcards in mail bin.

D. Check voice-mail and mailbox.

E. Get some sleep and do some laundry!

F. If you are going back out, make sure you are restocked!
Trouble shooting:
the "Oh Snap!"
on travel...
All the information
we wish someone told us
(and why you are
so lucky to have
us in your lives!)

Late to a visit?

call ahead
give them an ETA.
You ran out of materials?

See if there are any
counselors around you.

Make copies of inquiry cards.
Your hotel is super
scary (and/or super dirty)?

Go somewhere else, we will
work it out. Call Lisa as soon
as you can.
You got into an accident?

Call the police and report it,
then call Lisa and/or Enterprise.
(there's notes on this in your
travel binder, too)
Your receipt didn't print
at the gas station?!

Your hotel receipt
doesn't have a zero

Call and they will usually
e-mail or fax you a copy.
A school needs to

Change it on Outlook
and e-mail Doug,
Mallory and Allison.
Your car broke down?
Or the check engine
light comes on?

Call Enterprise hotline
and then let the office know.
Water aka Life Juice: drink it, don't refuse it at college fairs, in fact ask for a second. Keep a case in your car...no seriously, a case in your car.

keep some non perishable chewy granola bars in the car (crunchy granola bars will get EVERYWHERE!) for days when lunch isn't going to happen until mid-afternoon.

....learn to love Panera Bread
Nap when necessary. Preferably in your hotel.
Keep a shoe bucket in the trunk/back seat, because let's be honest, nobody likes driving in heels.
Hotels can have a surprisingly large stock pile of phone chargers.
Speaking of hotels, free breakfast is the way to go! Or the classic breakfast to go bag...ask the front desk at Hampton Inn.
and lastly,

watch your spending!
(and your speeding)
-wear some socks, y'all
-dress shoes. invest in comfy ones
-use common sense.
-appropriate outerwear.
-shirt and tie is the norm (no casual fridays)
-extra shirt and tie in car incase of accidents
-there's a few more options: dress pants, skirts, dresses, etc.
-use layers- college fair temps vary
-be aware of skirt length/tightness- keep it classy.
- wear comfy AND appropriate footwear

get all paperwork into the fabulous Lisa Montgomery on time- leave signed reimbursements if you're planning to mail in receipts.
Know where you're going!
Have addresses for all the high schools you're visiting, college fairs you're going to and hotels you're staying at. Keep this information updated on your Outlook Calendar so the office knows where you are as well!

Pro tips: Put addresses in GPS night before to make sure they are 'real.'
Have a plan for your car. Leave it at the office or your house. Just make sure someone has access to a spare set in case of emergency.
Sync your iPad! It is a really great organizational tool on the road.
Set up an away message
for your voice-mail.
Banner, Runner, table top displays (there are two!), inquiry cards (INQUIRY CARDS!), search pieces, open house cards (both transfer and new freshmen), how to apply cards, study abroad and other campus brochures.
...Also, name tag, laptop, laptop charger, iPad, iPad charger, pens postcards and sharpies.
....Finally, GPS and travel binder!
Pro tip: Opal's information; transfer information
from the office...
Professional attire (more info to come) AND also some casual stuff!


Toiletries/cosmetics (some DO for that BO!!!)

Phone charger and car phone charger

Whatever keeps you happy and sane!
...from the house
Getting there.
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