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software engineering semi-finals

spooky cpe team: wilfredo duazo jr., cesar adlit jr. and ric ryan ybanez

Wilfredo Duazo

on 8 October 2012

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Transcript of software engineering semi-finals

NATIONAL CASH REGISTERS CORPORATION History / Timeline 1884 - John H. Patterson founded the National Cash Register Company, maker of the first mechanical cash registers. 1906 - Charles F. Kettering designed the first cash register powered by an electric motor.

· 1952 - NCR acquired Computer Research Corporation (CRC), of Hawthorne, California, which produced a line of digital computers with applications in aviation.

· 1953 - NCR established the Electronics Division to continue to pursue electronic applications for business machines.

· 1974 - Company changed its name to NCR Corporation.

· 1982 - The first NCR Tower supermicrocomputer system was launched, establishing NCR as a pioneer in bringing industry standards and open systems architecture to the computer market. 1984 - NCR celebrated it’s 100th anniversary in the informationNCR 100th anniversary processing systems industry. The ‘Celebrating the Future 1884-1984’ 4 volume booklet has been given to all NCR's employee during the centennial.

· 1991 - NCR acquired by AT&T.

· 1991 - NCR purchased Teradata Corporation, acquiring its advanced and unique commercial parallel processing technology. NCR Teradata becomes the world's most proven and powerful database for data warehousing.

· 1994 - NCR name changed to AT&T Global Information Solutions (GIS).

· 1995 - AT&T announced spin-off of AT&T GIS by the end of 1996.

· 1996 - AT&T GIS changed its name back to NCR Corporation in anticipation of being spun-off to AT&T shareholders by January 1997, as an independent, publicly-traded company. 1997 - Signaling its evolution from a hardware-only company to a full solutions provider, NCR purchased Compris Technologies, Inc., a leading provider of store automation and management software for the food-service industry, and Dataworks, a company that develops check-processing software.

· 1998 - NCR finalized the transfer and sale of their computer hardware manufacturing assets to Solectron, confirming NCR's commitment to concentrate on the market-differentiated software and services components of their solutions portfolios.

· 2000 - NCR acquired CRM provider Ceres Integrated Solutions and services company 4Front Technologies, deepening NCR's solutions offerings in key markets.

· 2003 - NCR granted patent for signature capture. 2007 - NCR separated into two companies through the spin-off of the Teradata Data Warehousing business.

2009 - NCR establishes its new corporate headquarters in Duluth, Ga.

2010 - NCR introduces industry’s first mixed media deposit ATMs (SDM)

2011 - NCR completes $1 billion acquisition of Radiant Systems, expanding NCR’s presence in the hospitality and specialty retail spaces.

2012 - NCR launches NCR Silver, a cloud-based point of sale system for small businesses National Cash Register Company Corporate Paternalism in the 20th Century ABOUT NCR Corporation is an American computer hardware and electronics company that provides products and services that enable businesses to connect, interact and transact with their customers. Its main products are self-service kiosks, point-of-sale terminals, automated teller machines, check processing systems, barcode scanners, and business consumables. They also provide IT maintenance support services. From 1988 to 1997 they sponsored the NCR Book Award for non-fiction. NCR had been based in Dayton, Ohio, starting in 1884, but in June 2009, the company sold most of the Dayton properties and moved its headquarters to Metro Atlanta. Currently the headquarters are in unincorporated Gwinnett County, Georgia, near Duluth.

Bill Nuti is chairman, chief executive officer (CEO), and president of NCR Corporation. Before joining NCR in August 2005, Nuti served as president and CEO of Symbol Technologies where he strengthened the company’s product portfolio and positioned the company as a leading supplier in the emerging radio frequency identification (RFID) industry. INDUSTRIES
Banking technology, software, payment imaging and solutions for leading financial institutions. Financial
Innovative and integrated solutions built for your hospitality operations Hospitality
NCR offers a wide variety of affordable, industry-leading solutions for your organization. Public Sector
NCR for retail POS systems, software, digital signage, self-checkout, kiosks, services. Retail
Telecommunications companies can deliver to more places faster and at higher levels of service. Telecom and Technology NCR Retail and Hospitality Assisted Service Solutions Video
Mobile and self-service kiosks for check-in systems at airports, hotels and car rentals. Travel Self Serv Checkout
Self checkout systems and technology from NCR are large parts of what make NCR the global leader in the retail self service and point of sale. This self checkout solution provides the shopping convenience consumers want and the built-in investment protection you need. With self-checkout from NCR, you can attract customers and keep them coming back. NCR Self Serv Checkout Self checkout is preferred NCR knows consumers are more likely to do repeat business with a retailer that provides self-checkout technology. The NCR SelfServ™ Checkout reduces checkout wait times up to 40%, greatly enhancing the shopping experience. Advantages
The NCR SelfServ Checkout allows personnel to be redeployed from front-end checkout duties to valuable in-aisle functions. Redeploying employees ultimately increases your overall revenue per labor hour. Maximize operating efficiencies
The self checkout technology from NCR feature an open architecture to seamlessly integrate into your existing point of sale applications. Our self checkout machines are designed to be efficiently implemented, deployed and maintained in virtually any retail environment. Flexible self checkout
•Security scale for weight verification
•Item integrity via self-learning and self adjusting weight database
•Reversing takeaway belt
•Electronic Article Surveillance integration available for Sensormatic and Checkpoint devices
•Audio and visual prompts alert shopper and FastLane attendant of error
•Store intervention light above lane displays lane status

•15” high-resolution color LCD touchscreen
•Integrated hi-fi audio
•Lead-through animation
•Multi-path screen flow
•Human factors-designed non-barcoded item look-up
•“Follow me” lights provide additional visual cues Intuitive User Interface Self Checkout Theft Prevention Specifications History Industries Company Overview AWARDS "NCR self-checkout solution wins international
award for outstanding product design" NCR Corporation has announced that the current release (version 5) of its NCR SelfServ Checkout solution has won a GOOD DESIGN Award for product design excellence in the Electronics category. The NCR solution was selected for this highly competitive, international award from among thousands of companies from 48 countries. NCR SelfServ Bill Payments Processing Video NCR SelfServ Checkout Enhances Retail Self-Service Self Serv Demo Sample Costumers NCR - Philippines 100% of Metrobank, 100% of Union Bank, 50% of BPI and PS Bank ATM machine provider / supplier NCR Adventures Trend Revenue Every 2nd Quarter of 1996 to 2012 2011 Financial Status
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