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Gateway Exhibition

No description

Melvin Martinez

on 6 June 2013

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Transcript of Gateway Exhibition

By: Melvin Martinez Gateway Exhibition
10 things I learn this year This year, in science class with Ms. Esparza and Mr. Lee, I learned about (which were my favorite) space and physical/chemical change.
Physical Change: When you shape a playdul, it's appearance change but not it's chemicals
Chemical Change: When mixing baking soda and vinegar, a chemical change occurs. In Mr. Feng's math class, I learned about generic rectangle, diamond problems, x- and y-tiles, solving variables, and graphing. One of math topics we went through, diamond problems and generic rectangle problems are the most easy and simple way to understand. Math In Ms. Miller's English class, I learned how to rhyme better thanks to the poem assignments that was given by Ms. K. This helped me because now I can make more rap using words that not a lot of people used/heard in a rap. English In Ms.Merino's class, I learn about the Amendments, Bill of Rights, Democracy/Republican Party, Revolutionary War, Civil War and Abraham Licoln. History I found the newer me during the second semester. There
is no bad side in this due to the fact that it's a new me. This new me is full of good energy, wishing to get to the top of my dreams Science The top diamond would be the product of the factors and the bottom would be the sum of the addition. Physical Education In P.E, I practice playing basketball by shooting hoops and playing basketball games. I think I improve a bit, but in the defense mode, I am a pro. Seminar: Spanish During the time I had with Ms. Cortez, I learned how to speak proper spanish and I had the ability to practice/improve my spanish not just among friends but at home as well. Advisory In advisory with Ms. Esparza, I improve my reading due to the fact of the activity "SSR". It has helped me to improve in English class Life Skills In Life Skills class, I learned about the human
mind, healthy relationships and drugs/violence The New Melvin The Teachers I didn't just learned school subjects, I learn the
teacher persona at school. I learn which teacher is the funniest, serious, coolest, and strictest. Every teacher
has their way of teaching students and I respect their
decision, but I notice which teacher is what even if they don't notice it themselves. Skinny guy with a fat belly
Selling cheese straight off the BlackBerry
In the night, I'll be chilling with the fly witch
I was born broke but guarantee I'll die rich
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