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Adam Jordan

on 28 January 2014

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Transcript of Pets

There are hundreds of breeds of dogs to choose from. Looking at your lifestyle, home and personality, can determine what dog will suit you best. They differ in all sizes from very large, to fitting in a teacup. Also that’s comes with different temperaments and personalities.
Some breeds a real intense, where some of them have become banned in some states of Australia, where on the other hand, others are known to be gentle and friendly. Some breeds will need a high level of attention and exercise and some are fine with a little or none at all.
Top ten most own dog breeds in Australia are:
1. Stafford shire Bull Terrier
2. Labrador Retriever
3. German Shepherd
4. Cavalier King Charles spaniel
5. Golden Retriever
6. Border Collie
7. American Stafford shire Terrier
8. Poodle
9. Pug
10. Rottweiler

Why not check out these site that help you choose your right breed of dog for you:

Now from choosing your breed of dog, comes to choosing the name for your new beloved pet. Its know that its is quite common to name a dog after a person’s name or a nickname. But the most popular trend is to choose from the list of ‘Most popular dog names’. It helps to examine your dog in the personality it has or a particular action it commonly dogs e.g.: scratchy. Also the appearance of the dog can help also e.g.: spotty.
Just like us, we need to give our dogs the right kind of home environment and bedding. In what dog breed you choose it also important to take in what home you have. Do you have enough yard for you pet dog, and some kind are happy with your sofa. So the environment is very important, as it will be their home also.
As dogs spend more than 80% of their time asleep, it is very important in choosing the best and right bedding or space for your pet dog, having many choices from very practical, stylish and comfortable options. These are some of the choices you have from, cushions beds, heated beds, water beds, dog mats, cooling mats, elevated beds, kennels, orthopedic beds, sleeping bags and the list goes on. Its great to place it where the dog can see all the family as it makes them feel secure and close to a window is also good as your pet see out at the world while they are resting.

The great news is the most dogs are not fussy eaters; they will happily eat just about anything. But it is up to you to ensure that they are getting the right diet and food that will keep them healthy and happy.
Your vet can recommend a suitable diet for your dog based on their age, health and general requirements. There are many different types dog food on the market today. It is your choice what you give your dog, which can be based on their age, how active they are and general health. It is good to speak to your vet and to do some research around in what dogs dietary needs are, also there are a range of nutritionists available that specialize in doggy diets.
It is good to give your dog a mix of both wet and dry food with some fresh food. Also you can’t forget the bone. Dogs do not only love bones, but a raw meaty bone once to twice a week is excellent for keeping their teeth and gums healthy.
So make sure that your dog is eating the right food and not your favorite shoe.


Here are list of most popular dog names.
Female: Bella, Molly, Ruby, Coco, Lucy, Rosie, Daisy, Millie, Roxy and Missy
Male: Charlie, Max, Buddy, Oscar, Jack, Toby, Archie, Bailey, Harry and Milo.

Maintaining your guinea pigs health is one of the most important of any guinea pig owner. Diet, environment and social stimulus are all key components to help monitor your guinea pigs health. A guinea pigs daily diet needs to consist with fresh fruit, vegetables, hay, grass and herbs. Also a good quality guinea pig grain mix is good and fresh water at all times. Vitamin C is very critical in their diet they need to have vitamin c everyday to avoid developing scurvy.
Exercise in guinea pigs diet is very important, to let them run around in the yard or around your home and help prevent joint problems and overweight issues.

There are many different breeds of guinea pig and colours. From long hair guinea pigs to hairless choices, it depends on if they are crossbreeds. Also the colouring of the guinea pig and give a good idea of the breed. There are smooth coated breeds, long coated breeds, rough coated breeds, hairless breeds and colourations. Though there are many breeds of guinea pigs, only a few are commonly found as pets. The short hair breed are most seen as pets, for the reason that they are more common and desirable, also less problems in the short hair line of breeds

It is very important to house your guinea pig right as they spend majority of the time in their cage. A cage is most appropriate and commonly used to house a guinea pig. You have to make sure that it is large enough for your guinea to eat and sleep in and also some space to move around. There are many different cage options, there a single hutches or cages, too 2 story cages, in that you need to consider in where you are going to place the home, it is recommended to keep it under cover or indoor. You can choose from timber hutches, wire cages or even make your own or be more creative and turn an old cupboard or cot into their home. Just check out some homes made ones at,
Guinea Pigs
Guinea pigs a named commonaly after, their appearance, what colour they have on them and blend of it e.g.: cookie, apple. Many of the times they get named after a particular food or funny cute names like; Bubbles or Razzel. Human names are also used to name a guinea but not as highly favorable as the food names and the quirky names. To get great name ideas, check out

Guinea Pigs

The most common breeds in Australia is the domestic short haired or "moggie" ( Moggies are popular due to their intelligence and temperament ( They are also less prone to health problems that Pure Breeds often encounter ( They are not associated with any one breed so Moggies come in various colours and sizes (
The most common pet names for cats are "Kitty" and "Daisy" for a female kitten. For a male, "Max", "Oliver" "Simba", "Tiger" are all prevelant (

Statistics show that indoor cats have a longer life span and greater health prospects than outdoor cats. The average life expectancy of an indoor cat is 12 years, while an outdoor cat has only 5 years life expectancy due to dangers such as traffic and poision. Owners are encourage to purchase scratch polls and other toys to allow a cat to experience similar environment conditions that they would face outdoors.
Cats are 'obligate carnivores' meaning they are designed to get their protein from meat only. Cats also need to consume water with their food. Canned food is recommended over dry food. This is because dry food is higher in carbohydrates, lower in water content and and has plant-based proteins instead of animal-based proteins found in wet food. Tuna is a well-known cat favourite. (

The most common fish breeds as pets range from high-low maintanence.
The two most popular low maintanence fish are:
Betta (Siamese Fighting Fish)
According to Burkes Backyard (2004), the most popular Tropical Fish are Tetra, Catfish, Hatchet Fish, Pencil Fish and Angel Fish.
Most pet fish aquire their names through preference of their owner, or by their looks.

Some common fish names are:
Fire, Flash, Bubbles, Sparkle, Squeak, Comet, Sunny.
Fish tanks and at home aquariums are the approprtiate places to house fish. Essential to maintaining a healthy fish it ensuring water quality remains at its highest standard. A filtration system is reccomended and cleaning every second day is recommended (

Fish food should bought with the highest amount of protein, fat and fibre. Fish can be glutenous and are know to eat until they burst, so careful monitoring of food is a must. Some fish breeds enjoy treats such as blood worms, white bait or prawn pieces. Each fish species is different so research is required when you purchase a fish on how to best manage their diet.
Burkes Backyard (2004) Pet
Road tests - Tropical Fish

Fish - Beginner guide to Fish Keeping
Cat World

Cat Info - Feeding Your Cat

Popular Kitten names Pet MD

Kitten Names -

Adult Cats

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