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Saturday Night Live (SNL) SWOT

MGT 235 - Professor Chris Ramos - NBC Group

Brandon Brathwaite

on 26 November 2013

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Transcript of Saturday Night Live (SNL) SWOT



Lack of diversity
4 African Americans female cast members, currently none and one black writer
Comedy Central’s Key and Peele show
Sketch show that examines like in a provocative way and irrelevant way through a combination of filmed sketched and live stage segments

Less viewers which would decrease revenues


An artistic showcase

Contemporary news

Talented Writers


Rotating cast members, featured guests, hosts and musical artists perform in
sketches from episode to episode.
Because SNL takes the risk of broadcasting each episode live, many controversies,
censorship issues, mistakes and sabotage have occurred on the air.
SNL has created an innovative production structure and has remained strong
in its views, brand and influence on late-night programming and the overall format of television programming for the last 38 years.

Saturday Night Live has a wide range of strengths,

weaknesses, opportunities and threats.

innovative programming

lack of

diversified programming

creating a more racially diverse cast and staff

Diversified Programming, i.e: Comedy Central


Who is familiar with SNL?

Who watches SNL?


Clip of first-ever opening sequence of
Saturday Night Live from October 11th, 1975


Musical Guests

Hulu Feature/ Social Media

Audience intimacy/ involvement


April Gabrielli, Brandon Brathwaite,
Jace Ross, Amanda Willig, Brandon Kurzela

Saturday Night Live:
A SWOT Analysis


(Vine Celebrity)

Frank Ocean







On October 11, 1975, Saturday Night Live, then known as NBC's Saturday Night, premiered on the NBC television network
Produced by Lorne Michaels and Dick Ebersol; Saturday Night Live, also known as “SNL,” is an American made, comedy television program that broadcasts live from NBC television headquarters in New York City.
Limited Racial Equality Among Cast Members
SNL’s use of a limited cast set is having a backlash of limiting the different material they are able to create for the show
Controversial Material:
In order to produce the different skits used on the show, writers tend to use material that walks a fine line between funny and insulting

Lacking over at the cast of SNL there is a very limited variation in their racial backgrounds
Over the course of the last 35 seasons, there has been a total of 4 black female cast members
Current cast members have spoken out to refuse to dress up in order to play another race or gender.

Limited Racial Equality Among Cast Members

There is a fine line the show must walk between with being funny and being insulting
Recent D’Jesus sketch created a lot of backlash for the show
Controversial Material

Saturday Night Live excels in it's execution of current material, often contributing to its successes and failures.
If the Saturday Night Live team is able to recognize its strengths, weakeness, opportunities and threats regarding diverse casting and programming, it may lead to an even more successful run on the air.

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Thank You For Watching Our Presentation!
After incident several activists groups protested the show
Sears and Macys wanted to pull advertisements from appearing on the show
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