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Noan Fesnoux - Curriculum Vitae

by Noan Fesnoux

Noan Fesnoux

on 5 January 2011

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Transcript of Noan Fesnoux - Curriculum Vitae

Noan Fesnoux career objective:

to find meaningful employment
that allows me to use my diverse
technical and academic skills to
their fullest potential a digital curriculum vitae Skills:

Web applications
Web design
Media Knowledge:

Environment Projects:

LM online Experience:

Santa Laurensia
English First
Lab research Education:

Independent education
University of Guelph
University of KwaZulu Natal
Huntsman Marine Science Centre
Public schools in 4 countries Content Building: Starting with powerpoint, I learned the art of building interactive content for all ages. From there I have evolved to SCORM packages, which provides high levels of interactivity for the student while also providing teachers with results. LRM and CRM: Behind all online learning is a learning resource manager. I initially evaluated a number of LRMs before building an expertise in Moodle, an open source LRM which some of the largest Universities in the world (eg. The Open University) use. I built an entire online learning solution, from the student up to site administration, for LMCA. I have sinced experimented extensively on my own learning portal: Pajokalearn. Digital Classroom: With an initial vision of a paperless class, I have created fully electronic courses. Each student in these classes has a computer, and uses it as a primary means to enhance participation in class. Search query races, student led presentations, and new forms of interactivity (such as smartboards and styluses) make the classroom a rich learning environment elearning web apps prezi wordpress joomla google earth udutu captivate aviary blogger picasaweb web design I have learned how to use many web applications independently, and am able to build websites that are designed to interest and appeal to people worldwide www.lmacademics.com www.pajoka.com www.pajoka.com/sambalbhineka www.pajokalearn.org multimedia Throughout my life, it has been important to document and express myself through media. Through my father and grandfather I developed a love of photography. My travels have elicited a desire to write about my experiences, and have since evolved into a blog. Most recently I have started to build an interest in film. Little Mountain
Campus Academy 2006-2011 directed and planned 4 years of summer camps
created complete online learning environment for elementary students
created new courses that integrate academia and experiential learning
managed all technical issues pertaining to the school
created strong lasting rapport with parents and students

2005-2006 Santa Laurensia
Private School taught 150 grade 4 students English 4 times a week
developed new games and material to help students learn various English skills
encouraged students to learn through real world media such as websites and comicbooks
wrote, directed, and cast an English language performance shown to the public
2003-2005 taught ESL to a variety of learners using prescribed methods and materials
maintained excellent relations with students and parents
wrote support material to help improve interaction and fun in the classroom
concieved and drafted "video game ESL", where an adventure game could serve as core material for an English class English First
Makassar 2002-2003 acted as a research assistant for a lab using bioindicators to determine historical sea temperature records at MacMaster University
developed the methodology and tested for the effects of hypoxia on Daphnia spp.
assisted in the collection of data about the commerical stocks of whitefish populations in the great lakes Research facebook issuu Pedagogy I have been teaching for over 7 years now, and have enjoyed every day of it. In ESL I found alternative ways to impart knowledge, and eventually learned of holistic teaching practices. My current style is a mixture of traditional knowledge based education mixed with experiences that will solidify the concepts. Above all, I feel that it is vital to create a strong bond between learner and teacher. Through my interest in science I have also built a strong sense of understanding of the environment. From sustainability to green technology, anything which embraces the green paradigm is of interest to me. Environmental issues are often topics of conversation in the courses I teach and among those who I call friends. Environment Languages Over my lifetime I have had the pleasure of learning 5 different languages. I currently am fluent in English, French, and Indonesian. I am proficient in German and am currently learning Spanish. Having moved around a lot, I have learned language is key to understanding a culture. Science My expertise may lie in ecology and marine biology, but I have a strong understanding in all of the fundamentals. Understanding science is one way to build a greater respect for nature and the intricacy of natural systems that we are implicitly involved in. my name is pronounced as such:
say these four words - 'no', 'on', 'fay', 'new'
the first two syllables are said together to make my first name
the last two syllables are said together to make my last name Pajoka I have always had travel on the mind. So it comes to no surprise to those who know me that I would like to get into that sector. Thus I have developed Pajoka, an ecotourism destination resort in Indonesia. Ultimately, I would like to manage educational tours in sustainability using the resort as a model. go to www.pajoka.com to find out more. This has been the single most time consuming project in my life. With 180 users and 20 active courses, it has made a strong impact on both the way teachers and students handle feedback. I have built well over a hundred lessons, combining many types of media to keep the student's interest. to find out more go to www.lmacademics.com LM online Although I completed university 7 years ago, I feel like I never left. Using online resources I have maintained my proficiency in French, learned web design, image editing, and new classroom techniques. I have also been able to learn enough through the web to develop a business plan, and be able to contribute to the open source community. independent
education Recieving my graduate degree from a personal hero, David Attenborough, was icing on the cake to an excellent university experience. I studied often with friends, teaching one another about the intricacies of marine and freshwater ecosystems. This education provided me with a solid understanding of environmental systems, and nurtured my lifelong interest of the sea. University of
Guelph While I only spent a semester as an exchange student at this school, it was a formative one. Working with a professor on microphytobenthic plankton I learned field research skills, and how to work with a small yet professional team of scientists. Living in Africa also provided me with perspective on the human condition, and amazed me terms of the commonalities found across cultures worldwide. University of
Kwa-Zulu Natal Huntsman
Marine Science centre This was another pivotal semester of education. As the pilot semester of a new program through the U of G, I experienced firsthand what education in the field can do. With 8 hours a day for 2 weeks per course, we completed a semester of courses over the summer. This experience made me aware that education happens as much from your peers as from the teacher, and how much more impressionable an experience is with respect to learning. Public
School Public school seems a little far back to refer to, or is it? Having experienced public school systems in 4 countries certainly may account for my adaptivity today. It also provides me with a strong sense of understanding to those who are in a similar situation. contact: noan@pajoka.com
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