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why kids shouldn't be tried as adults

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Steven Debiasio

on 18 March 2015

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Transcript of why kids shouldn't be tried as adults

Children in adult prisons are:
5x as likely to be sexually assaulted
2x as likely to be beaten by staff
50% more likely to be attacked with a weapon
8x as likely to commit suicide than children in juvenile facillities

Children aren't given the same rights as adults; such as smoking, voting, and joining the military, this is because we recognize their inability to make adult decisions.
This brings up the question, Why should children be treated as adults when they make a mistake?
all of these reason create the perfect argument as to why children under 18 should be tried as what they are: children. while their brains are still developing and growing is the best time to turn their life around.
juvenile detention facilities have programs to help aid in the process of reformation; while, prisons do not.
Children shouldn't be tried as adults
Prison is intended as a punishment instead of a place for reformation to turn children's life around.
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