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Among the Hidden

Book Report

Mia Hines

on 4 January 2013

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Transcript of Among the Hidden

Among the Hidden Written by Margaret Peterson Haddix Shadow Children Series Books 1-3 Books 4-7 My Opinions Plot Theme Setting Luke Garner Mark and Matthew Garner Edna Garner & Harlan Garner Characters Luke is the main character
He is the third child in his family.
He spends his life in hiding because there are only allowed 2 children per family.
He is a twelve year-old boy with pale skin and is very skinny.
If he is caught/seen he will be killed. Mother & Father of Luke Garner Mark Woods Conflict is when the woods get cut down for a housing development. My themes were... Among the Hidden Among the Barons I liked this book because it was a thrilling story. It developed the characters very well. What kept me reading the book is when i got to a good part, they made the chapters really short which made me feel like I was finishing the book faster. About the Book Among the Hidden is about a boy named Luke Garner. He has never been to school and never had a friend. He is the third child in his family, forbidden by the Population Police. The only way for Luke to get in the outside world was to go into the woods behind his house. Once the woods get cut down and replaced for housing developments, he is not even allowed on the first floor of his house. In his bedroom/attic he sees a girl in a house where two boys already live. Read Among the Hidden to find out if Luke is the only third or if there are more out there, and how he can meet them. Mom Dad Farmer
Seems angry but really just scared for Luke
Makes most of the decisions in the house Kind, Gentle & Comforting
She cares for Luke by making sure he is as comfortable as possible by keeping the heat on & giving him adventure books to read Luke's Older Brothers Matthew Luke’s fourteen year-old brother
Darker hair than Luke and his skin is more tanned
Often teases Luke in the beginning of the book.
Although he often feels sad for him and plays games with him
Later, he stops teasing Luke as much and begins playing basketball all the time. Luke’s fifteen year-old brother
Also has dark hair and tan skin
He teases Luke and often complains about school.
Later, he stops teasing Luke also and begins spending most of his time at his girlfriend’s house. Jennifer "Jen" Talbot This is another third child that Luke discovers and becomes friends with
Jen is from a rich family referred to as a Baron
Jen is physically and mentally strong
Bold and daring, courageous
She can't see different viewpoints, she loses her temper, and speaks before thinking Among the Impostors Among the Betrayed Among the Brave Among the Enemy Among the Free The woods are behind his house. They are the only way Luke could go outside, without being noticed.Then got replaced for houses. Jen's House Lots of the book is spent at Jen's house. Very neat, polished, rich looking. Windows are completely covered just like Luke's house. Inside is airy & bright. The Rising Action is when the new houses come in he sees a girl in a house where two boys already live. They meet eventually and Jen tells him about the rally for freedom. The Climax is when it is time for the rally and & Luke changes his mind and doesn't go. The Falling Action is when Luke meets Jen's dad and he offers to give him a fake ID. The Resolution is when Luke finally decides to get the fake ID and has a new identity, Lee Grant. Standing up for what you think is Right Jen planned a rally for the freedom of third children and believed she had to do this. Social Justice The government outlawed pets, junk food, hydroponics. Family Friendship Luke's Family is all he had until he met Jen. When Luke meets another third child he spends lots of the book with her and always risks his life to have someone else to have fun with. I would recommend this book to ages 10 and up
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