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Spirited Away

No description

Ila Waterford

on 2 May 2014

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Transcript of Spirited Away


Cultural Values

Film Techniques
Film Description
Hayao Miyazaki
Cultural Value
Film Techniques
Spirited Away
2014 International Film Festival
Camera Angle/Shots
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winner of best animated feature film 2003
made for
anyone could enjoy the film
one of Japan’s greatest animated directors
good vs. evil
importance of names
love destroys evil
don't judge people
believe in yourself
Japanese folk-type.
traditional Japanese music
Sweeping shot
Hayao Miyazaki has come up with a beautiful film with lots of exciting and thrilling concepts. Using themes, cultural values and film techniques he has been
able to
help the audience understand and
the Japanese culture and get a taste of a culture different to their own. .
Hayao Miyazaki is a director who, through the film of ‘spirited away’, brings to light the ways in which audiences can understand and appreciate Japanese cultural perspectives.
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