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Regency Grand Hotel Case study

No description

dinesh asokan

on 22 October 2012

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Transcript of Regency Grand Hotel Case study

Need for Achievement

Need for Affiliation

Need for Power Managing Work & People Regency Grant Hotel Case study Group : 5A
Team Members
Vicky - The Lead
Muhammad- Concept Advisor
Noha - Problem Handler
Chandler - Culture Specialist
Nick - Empowerment Guru
Mustafa - Social Expert
Jade - Director of Leaders
Dinesh - Recommendation Analyst Outline of Presentation
Brief summary
Group Activity
Problem Categorization
Major Theories
Case Evaluation | | | | | | | | | | | | | Summary of Case study Great pay & Bonus
Designated Work Assigned
No Innovation
Rewards & Punishments
Limitations in Authority Thai Management American Management
Workplace Atmosphere
More Authority & Power
More Responsibility
Yes to Innovative Ideas
Work Style Change
Empowerment Culture Theory Social Theory Empowerment Time for a Game Leadership Recommendations Problem Categorization Recommendations Case Evaluation
Change in Management Style
Power Distance
Individualism Vs Collectivism
Lack of proper Job Description

Lack of Responsibility of Employees

Absence of Evaluations on Employees Performance

High Turnover & Absenteeism
Lack of Organisational Structure

Policies & Procedures

Leader not Task Oriented

Sudden Bureaucracy Reduce

Misunderstanding Major & Minor Issues Empowerment Issues Cultural issues Social Issues Leadership Issues Today we presented the Critical Analysis of the major problems at The Regency Grant Hotel
Based on the Relevant Literature
Recommendations on effective hotel management strategies.
Focused on the theories related to
Cross-cultural issues,
Communication & Operations Management
Hope Our Experts have provided Best solution to all problems. How was the presentation? Like Dislike Special
to Why is the Culture Difference So Important? Power Distance

Individualism vs. Collectivism

Uncertainty Avoidance Index

Masculinity vs. Femininity

Long Term Orientation vs. Short Term Orientation Hofstede's cultural dimensions theory The Difference in Power Distance between
Thailand and US is one of the Major reasons !!! Power Distance Autocratic Democratic Individualism Collectivism Other
Affiliations Thai
Citizen Individual's
Social Identity Hotel Employee Maslow Hierarchy of Needs The focus of scholarly debate
Widely been accepted involving 4 dimensions

Self Determination



Impact Involves creating a shared vision

Provides clear top-management support

“In order for empowerment to be successful, each organization must create and define it for itself… empowerment must address the needs and culture of each unique entity” (Honold 1997, p.204)

Listen to Employees Suggestions
Do Personal Favours for Employees
Support Employee Interests When Required
Treat employees as Equal The new management style of imposing too much empowerment gives freedom in decision making.
Employees had difficulties in distinguishing between major & minor issues.
The new management Style Reduced Bureaucracy.
By giving more Authority to Employees in decision-making
Employees were allowed to upgrade the guests to another room instead of waiting for their superiors’ approval. Four Group Formation
Each group Different Activity
Time limitations Apply
Instructions given in a Sheet Video Time
Lack of Local Knowledge
Lack of Relationship
Supervisor & Employees Is a cross-cultural value Mc Clelland's Needs Behavioural Perspective of Leadership People Oriented Leadership Vs Task Oriented Leadership 2.People Oriented Leadership
Assign Employees to Specific Tasks
Clarify their Work Duties and Procedures
Ensure Employees Follow Company Rules
Push Employees to Reach Max Performance Capacity 1.Task Oriented Leadship Issues
•Overall Strategy
•Vision, Direction, Policies & Time Frame
•Develop Cross Cultural Awareness & Knowledge of Thai Culture
•Research Other organisation
•Transformational & Task Orientated Leadership Style
•Conduct Meetings with Staff & Managers to Engage &Gain Trust
•Build Relationship with Employees
•Middle managers should go from power holders to facilitators of change
•Clear Job Design & Job Descriptions
•Evaluate Employee Skills
•Training-competency based and Empowerment Training
•Continue Team based feedback
•Performance based pay & Reward Good Performers Cross cultural conflict poses the biggest challenge for international business in any country (Dong & Liu 2010) Option 1 comment Option 2 Do not Apply Empowerment Leave Organizational Culture as is it...!!! QUESTIONS
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