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Colombian Exchange

best place to look if you need to do history without a text book

evgeniya lautt

on 3 November 2015

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Transcript of Colombian Exchange

Colombian Exchange
Shortly after 1492 coffee came to America.
Many people started drinking coffee in America.
Later people started drinking coffee instead of tea.
That's why Americans have coffee shops everywhere.
Coffee drinkers should thank Columbus.

Watch this video to see what the Colombian Exchange was about.
We wouldn't have drunk coffee if the Columbian Trade had not happened.
This is why we should thank Columbus.
Coffee has a lot of history to it.
The History of Coffee
Your coffee probably came from Arabia, Africa,
Captain John Smith, founder of the Colony of Virginia, is the first to bring to North America a knowledge of coffee in 1607—The coffee grinder on the Mayflower—Coffee drinking in 1668—William Penn's coffee purchase in 1683—Coffee in colonial New England—The psychology of the Boston "tea party," and why the United States became a nation of coffee drinkers instead of tea drinkers, like England—The first coffee license to Dorothy Jones in 1670—The first coffee house in New England—Notable coffee houses of old Boston—A skyscraper coffee house

People drink coffee not knowing where it came from
Why not ask next time you drink coffee ...

Where does it come from
By Evgeniya Lautt
The prezi is demostrating all the posible way
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