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I300 Project 6

Presentation for our group's idea on how to make lines seem shorter in Walt Disney World.

E. Caitlen Waters

on 21 April 2010

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Transcript of I300 Project 6

A-Team Richard Waters Travis Shrout Youngkyu So Elizabeth Horstman Predispositions Most people like free stuff. Most people like winning things. Most people want to get healthier. Most people that go to Disney, know something about the Disney characters. Research The relevant information INSIGHTS The solution will need to keep guests entertained in line. The solution should give healthy tips and show that they are easy to do everyday. CONCEPTS PROTOTYPE Strategies Technology Enterprise Social People that are kept entertained are more willing to wait in line. There are ways to stay healthy that you are able to do everyday that are not very difficult. Solo waits feel longer than group waiting. Due to increased everyday use of RFIDs and LEDs, the design is feasible to create. This will bring people to the park for a new idea. This design will bring groups of individuals together to solve the riddles and earn prizes.

This design can influence other individuals, that have yet to go to the park, to plan a trip after hearing the adventures of others. The design is low cost.

The design gives a low cost way to motivate people to be more active. 1 2 3 Bibliography 1. Queuing Psych 101 http://www.cnn.com/2008/TECH/science/11/20/queuing.psychology/ 2. Psychology of Waiting in lines 3. Realage tips http://www.realage.com/archive/tips/0/30/issue_date/desc/ The solution should try and spur conversation between guests while in line.
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