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Topic Sentences and Main Idea

SWBAT interpret and express the main idea of a passage using the topic sentence

Amanda Chesnut

on 11 September 2013

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Transcript of Topic Sentences and Main Idea

Topic Sentences and the Main Idea
Students will be able to interpret and express the main idea of a passage using the topic sentence.
Example A: Interpreting the main idea based on the topic sentence
Topic Sentence: Wolves are predators that live and hunt in family groups called packs.
Do Now:
In your composition notebooks, please answer the following question. You do not need to copy the question, just write the answer.

Open your workbook to page 110. Preview the title and picture without reading the text. What do you think this story might be about?

Exit Ticket:
Write the answer and not the question in your composition notebooks:

Interpret the main idea of the paragraph based on the topic sentence:

Students should not be allowed to bring their cell phones to school. First of all, there are enough distractions in school without the added distraction of cell phones. Students do not need to be connected to their friends and family during every second of the day, especially when they need to focus on learning. Finally, not all students can afford cell phones so it’s better if nobody brings them to school. In conclusion, students should have to leave their cell phones at home because they interfere with learning.

Main idea:

Topic Sentence Hamburger
Topic Sentence:
First or last sentence in a passage or paragraph
Introduces and summarizes the information to be covered.
Often contains the main idea
Supporting Sentences:
Describe or explain the main idea
Concluding Sentence:
Last sentence in a paragraph or a story
Usually summarizes the content contained in the entire paragraph(s) and references the main idea
Main Idea:
Central point, or what all or most of the sentences are about
Supporting Sentences: Their prey ranges from mice and rabbits to deer and moose. They work together to catch and kill prey.
Concluding Sentence: Then all the wolves share in the feast.
Example B: Expressing the main idea through the topic sentence
“Self-defense is a combination of verbal and physical techniques.”
“The voice is often our first line of defense, and in many cases, the most effective.
For example, yelling directions like ‘call 911!’ is a way to notify other people that you need help.
Physical techniques consist of primary targets and secondary targets. “
"Both verbal and physical techniques can help you defend yourself in a difficult situation."
Topic: Self-Defense
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