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The Elements of fiction short story: Searching For Summer

No description

alexis yanes

on 27 October 2012

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Transcript of The Elements of fiction short story: Searching For Summer

The Elements of fiction short story: Searching for summer Plot Conflict Main characters: Tom, Lily, Mr.Noakes, Mrs. Hatching
The dynamic characters are tom and lily since they go from wanting to find the sun to trying to hide and protect the sun
The static characters are Mr.Noakes and Mrs.Hatching since Mr. Noakes is still greedy and Mrs.Hatching is still the kind old woman she is. Characters The setting takes place in a post nuclear war where the sun does that not shine. It goes from a town scene to forest scene in which the characters see the sky Setting Themes This story is told through 3rd person point of veiw due to the fact that tom and lily dialougues are being told throughout the narrators eyes Point of View Mr. Noakes was a repulsive-looking individual, but when he heard that Tom and Lily wanted a room for the night, he changed completely and gave them a leer that was full false goodwill. He was a big, red-faced man with wet, full lips, bulging pale-gray bloodshot eyes, and a crop of stiff greasy black hair. He wore tennis shoes. Tom and Lily have just gotten married and they begin there search for the sun since it has been missing.After failing to find the sun for a while, they must find a place to rest, so they stay at a hotel owned by Mr.Noakes . Undisclosed time period :Post Nuclearworld Lily and tom scooter breakdown so the must
stay in the nearest town and stop there
search for the sun Lily found a purse and she
wants to give it back to the owner (oldlady).while returning the purse, the young couple discovers the sun at the heart of the old ladies house Mr. Noakes wonders where the couple have been and thinks they may have found the sun, So he gives them a large offer of payment for exchange to the directions to the sun
Mr.Noakes never goes into the
forest so the sun is never
used for his greedy needs In this world a newly wedded couple go searching for the sun, On there way their scooter dies on them causing them to stay in a hotel ran by a greedy manager putting a pause to their journey Good deeds come with good fortune.
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