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Sending Women to Virginia(1622)

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Alyssa Compa

on 24 November 2014

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Transcript of Sending Women to Virginia(1622)

Early Virginia lacked stable family life
More men lived here than women because men were needed on the tobacco fields
Virginia Company promoted immigration of "Tobacco Brides" in order to create a family oriented community.
Most women were Indentured Servants
Susan Myra Kingsbury
Editor of The Records of the Virginia Company of London
Quote 1:
"...that their first landing they may be housed, lodged, and provided for of diet till they be married. And in case they cannot be presently married, we desire they may be put to several householders that have wives till they can be provided husbands." (p. 26)
Quote 2:
"...It is ordered that every man that marries them (the women) give 120 lbs. weight of the best tobacco for each of them." (p. 26)
Quote 3:
"And you may assure such men as marry those women that the first servants sent over by the company shall be consigned to them." (p. 26)
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Susan Myra Kingsbury

Sending Women to Virginia (1622)
This document is significant because it showed how desperate the Virginia Company was to create a family orientated colony. Even with all their efforts they didn't get the society they desired until years later. Many women that came were indentured servants and couldn't form families until their service was over. Since the company was not forcing the women they sent to marry, women started to explore their new freedom and rights which they didn't have before.
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