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Markings On The Body

No description

on 26 July 2017

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Transcript of Markings On The Body

Modern tattooing in American society was adapted from the Native American culture of tattooing where their purpose was to alleviate toothaches and arthritis
The word tattoo has changed overtime but originates from Tahiti, specifically, where the word was originally "Ta tau"
"Ta tau" means "to write". This Tahitian practice meant mainly to write on ones skin in the design of spirals and many other shapes
There has been controversy surrounding the beginning of tattooing because there were many different cultures all around the world that took part in tattooing.
As American society began to integrate tattooing into its culture, tattooing was soon seen as a way for women to get a job even if it meant they would become a sideshow for entertainment purposes
Tattoos are a form of self expression
They hold a deeper personal meaning
Not all tattoos leave you in pain
Tattoos are common with teens and young adult ranging from 18 to about 25 years old
A lot of people get tattoos in memory of someone or something
Some people get tattoos to remind them of something that is of importance
Pop Culture
Celebrities with Tattoos
Negative Outlook/Misconceptions
People with tattoos must be/were prisoners
Tattoos prevent you from getting a job
Having a tattoo on your lower back means you're promiscuous
Having tattoos means you have a spontaneous personality
Most people just get them to get them
Most people regret their tattoos when they get older
Markings On The Body

By: Alize Hopkins
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