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Public Relations

No description

Bella Flores

on 22 May 2013

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Transcript of Public Relations

Product Recruitment Video The History Public Relations Policing Agencies Created in 1948
Code of Ethics in 1954
Revamp in 2000 Education Bachelors degree
Masters degree Meetings First Thursday Luncheon

Asian Festival February Monica Faulkenbery
JoAnn Andrea
Mari Gonzales Process • Texas Trails and Tales
• Two minutes
• Audience • Brandon Aniol
• Editing
• Music • 7-8 graders
• Distributed to teachers Free flow of information
Healthy and fair competition
Disclosure of information
Protect privacy
Avoid conflicts of interest
Enhance the profession Public Relations
Communications On the job training
Accreditation Offered through PRSA
Offered through IABC
Further reach Mentor Shadowing Opportunity February Panel
Monica Faulkenbery
JoAnn Andrea
Mari Gonzales Photography
Ferrying journalists
Dealing with complaints James Benavides Education Work Experience Bachelors in Journalism from A&M
Masters in Communication Arts from Incarnate Word 12 years
Cavazos Public Relations and Advertising Inc.
Senior Communications Specialist for ITC Bibliography "Accreditation." International Association of Business Communicator. 2013. International Association of Business Communicator, 2013. Web. 10 Feb. 2013.

"Bachelor of Science in Public Relations." College of Communication. The University of Texas at Austin, n.d. Web. 09 Dec. 2012.

Bates, Don. "“Mini-Me”: History Public Relations from the Dawn of Civilization." Institute for Public Relations . (2002): n. page. Web. 9 Dec. 2012.

Benavides, James. Personal interview. 12 Oct. 2012.

"BP: A Textbook Example Of How Not To Handle PR." Morning Edition. NPR: 21 Apr 2011. Radio.

Bureau of Labor Statistics, U.S. Department of Labor, Occupational Outlook Handbook, 2012-13 Edition, Public Relations Managers and Specialists,
<http://www.bls.gov/ooh/management/public-relations-managers-and-specialists.htm> (visited October 15, 2012).

"Freud's Nephew and the Origins of Public Relations." Morning Edition. NPR: 22 Apr 2005. Radio.

“Joseph Goebbels.” The History Channel. A&E Television Networks, LLC, n.d. Web. Feb 10 2013,

Public Relations Society of America. The Public Relations Society of America, 2009-13. Web. 18 Oct 2012.

Skoloda, David M. “Code Polices Public Relations Abuses.” The Milwaukee Journal 16 Jan. 1969: 19. Print. Presented by Bella Flores Res Publicae Prospects 21% growth between 2010 and 2020 PR Nightmares BP oil spill
AIG rebrand Facets Media relations
Community relations
Stockholder and donor relations
Internal relations Changes Mediums
Social media
Full transcript