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1. Understanding ActionScript 2. Working with Variables 3. Using and Creating Functions 4. Responding to Events

Ehra Etnalacse

on 12 May 2012

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Transcript of ActionScript

is an object-oriented language originally developed by Macromedia Inc. (now owned by Adobe Systems). ActionScript is the programming language for the Adobe Flash Player run-time environment.

It enables interactivity, data handling, and much more in Flash content and applications.
Action Script started as an object-oriented language for Macromedia's Flash authoring tool, now developed by Adobe Systems as Adobe Flash.

Appeared in 1998
Designed by Gary Grossman
was the primary developer of ActionScript programming language used by thousands of developers today to add interactivity to Flash content and applications.
Gary Grossman
Early versions of the Flash authoring tool provided

limited interactivity features. Early Flash developers

could attach a simple command, called an "action", to

a button or a frame. The set of actions was basic

navigation controls, with commands such as "play",

"stop", "getURL", and "gotoAndPlay".
In 1999, simple set of actions became a small scripting language. New capabilities introduced for Flash 4 included variables, expressions, operators, if statements, and loops. Although referred to internally as "ActionScript", the Flash 4 user manual and marketing documents continued to use the term "actions" to describe this set of commands.
Release of Flash 4
Adobe Flash (formerly Macromedia Flash) is a multimedia platform used to add animation, video, and interactivity to web pages. Flash is frequently used for advertisements, games and flash animations for broadcast.

Developed by Jonathan Gay, originated with the application SmartSketch
Adobe Flash
ActionScript is executed by the ActionScript Virtual Machine (AVM), which is part of Flash Player. ActionScript code is typically compiled into bytecode format by a compiler.

The bytecode is embedded in SWF files, which are executed by the Flash Player, the run-time environment.
ActionScript Virtual Machine
The Adobe Flash Player is software for viewing multimedia, Rich Internet Applications and streaming video and audio, on a computer web browser or on supported mobile devices.

Flash Player supports vector and raster graphics, 3D graphics, an embedded scripting language called ActionScript and streaming of video and audio.
Flash Player
Works best for animating movies, adds and cool applications that work and plays inside the browser.
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