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The Monomyth of The Hobbit

No description

Amber Kirkland

on 2 November 2013

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Transcript of The Monomyth of The Hobbit

The Mono myth of The Hobbit
Meeting with the Goddess/God
Beorn is the God figure for Bilbo and the dwarves because he provides them with food and he knows the lands. He helps them by showing them the safest path to take.
Gandalf comes to Bilbo's house and says "I'll give you what you asked for." Bilbo insists that he hasn't asked for anything but Gandalf says "Yes you have! Twice now....In fact I will go so far as to send you on this adventure." Then later on a horde of dwarves come uninvited to Bilbo's house and volunteer him to be the thief in their adventure.
Call to Adventure
Bilbo repeatedly says he doesn't want to go on an adventure and is constantly underestimating himself. He merely wants to lay around in his cozy hobbit house in his fuzzy slippers.
Refusal of the call
Gandalf has been "called away" on "some pressing business" so Bilbo is left to be the leader of the group. This forces him out of his shell.
Supernatural Aid
The dwarves led by Bilbo travel through Hobbit lands on laden ponies. At this point there is no turning back for Bilbo, he has excepted the journey and all of its challenges.
The Crossing of the First Threshold
The Road of Trials
The first trial is crossing the enchanted river, if the water splashes against skin it will put the effected person into a slumber, rendering them incapable to finish their journey.
Enchanted River
The second trial is the cursed forest where Bilbo has to defeat a giant spider, symbolizing him fighting his fears and insecurities.
The Cursed Forest
The last trial is where they are captured by elves and Bilbo has to be witty to save the dwarves.
The last Trial
After the quest has been completed Bilbo is a new hobbit and he reminisces fondly over the adventures he shared with the dwarves.
Bilbo realizes that he is more confident and capable than he ever knew.
Master of Two Worlds
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