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Propaganda Techniques

No description

on 28 August 2013

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Transcript of Propaganda Techniques

*1. Orbit Commercial: youtube.com/watch?v=Bxmkiy9txBE
*2. Burger King Commercial:
*3. Beats By Dre Still AD: Seventeen Magazine
*4. Keds Taylor Swift Still AD: Seventeen Magazine
*5. My own ad :)
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Propaganda Techniques
Technique 2: Stereotyping
Stereotyping is a biased belief about a whole group of people based on insufficient or irrelevant evidence. This Burger King "I Am Man" commercial can be considered the "manthem" of all time. It is stereotyping woman, saying that they are dainty and can't handle a "man's sandwich."
Technique 6: Emotional Appeals
An emotional appeal technique is defined as statements used to arouse emotional appeals. The World Wildlife Foundation is using this technique to help gain monetary donations in order to help dying turtles on the beach. Honestly, it's a good technique and it really does work.
Technique 8: False Premise
A false premise is a premise that is untrue or distorted. This Cascade commercial is a good example because at the bottom of the commercial, if you look closely it says "DRAMATIZATION". So, not every dish is going to come out literally sparkling clean like they say it will. Every false premise is true to a point, but they overstep the line when they say that every dish is going to come out sparkling.
Technique 1: Loaded Words
Loaded words is defined as being words that evoke very strong positive or negative attitudes towards a person, group, or idea. This technique is used in a very negative way in this ad. It is specifically used every time one of the characters speak by using "dirty" names to get their point across.
Technique 3: Transfer
The transfer technique is defined as being a propaganda method that builds a connection between things that are not logically connected. Normally, people do not connect someone's attitude with the color of their headphones. Much less spend $200 on a new pair of headphones every time their attitude changes.
Technique 4:
Irrelevant Evidence
Irrelevant evidence is defined as being information that has nothing to do with the argument being made. In this Keds AD, Taylor Swift obviously has nothing to do with this pair of shoes. It states "Get your hopes up" and at the bottom states "Taylor did". Which has nothing to do with the shoe, it's more or less an ad for Taylor Swift because it has nothing to do with the shoes.
Technique 5: Hasty Generalization
Hasty generalizations are conclusions or opinions that are drawn from very few observations or that ignore exceptions. In this AD, it states that all teenage girls are obsessed with their looks and that make-up is a beauty necessity.
Works Cited 2
Technique 9: Name Calling
Name calling is labeling intended to arouse powerful negative feelings. This commercial has the new Dell tablet up against the pricey IPad. It's basically saying that this new tablet is less expensive, better, and smarter than the IPad.
*6. Tanks for Turtles AD: youtube.com/watch?v=WNKW-cqc9pU
*7. My own AD :)
*8. Cascade AD: youtube.com/watch?v=oCXd93-A1N0
*9. Dell Tablet AD: youtube.com/watch?v=EJKlB_FuOTE
*10. Diet Pepsi AD:.youtube.com/watch?v=zPBs5_ZYTrg
Technique 7: False Analogy
A false analogy draws invalid from weak or often far-fetched comparisons. This AD is stating that if you know how to play the piano, then it is easy to play a bass guitar, but if you play either of those instruments, then you know that neither of the instruments are similar and that both are hard to play.
Technique 10: Bandwagon
A bandwagon is a technique that encourages people to act because everyone else is doing it. P. Diddy shows up to an award show in a Diet Pepsi truck and suddenly everyone is riding dirty in a Diet Pepsi truck.
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