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Kira Kira

No description

Jordan Rappoport

on 21 August 2013

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Transcript of Kira Kira

Kira Kira
Kira Kira
by Cynthia Kadohata

Project by Jordan Rappoport
Katie and her sister, Lynn, live with their parents in Iowa. Then, their family moves to Georgia to get new jobs.
Lynn could take a simple, everyday object like a box of Kleenex and use it to prove how amazing the world is.” -pg. 224
Kira-Kira is set in the 1960-70s. First it’s in Iowa, and then moves to a Japanese-American neighborhood in Georgia.
Because racism was a large part of society in the sixties, the mood expressed from the setting was gloomy.
Katie Takeshima is a young girl who is bright and optimistic. She relies on her sister to teach her, and has a generally happy disposition.
Main Character
Strengths: She always makes the best of every situation and tries to help whenever someone is in need.
Weaknesses: Katie doesn’t always do well in school and isn’t very willing to grasp what the future has in store.

In Georgia, Katie and Lynn start school. Katie doesn’t do as well as Lynn.

Lynn gets straight As and makes friends. Katie gets Bs and Cs, and has difficulty being accepted.
Lynn’s best friend is Amber, and they tell each other everything-excluding Katie. Katie worries that Lynn treats her like a kid.
Suddenly, Lynn gets sick with lymphoma and things get bad. The family is poor and works late-night shifts at the chicken factory.

As the middle child, Katie strives to take care of both Lynn and their younger brother, Sammy. She also has to struggle with school and friends.

Then, Lynn dies. Katie was upset because her sister was her best friend.

She tries to see the world as kira-kira, or glittering, just like Lynn had always taught her.

The conflict in this story is Man v. Society. Katie struggles with being Japanese-American in a racist society, and needs to find herself.
The conflict is resolved after Lynn dies. Lynn showing Katie what “kira-kira”, or glittering, means, helps Katie to see that her life can be kira-kira, too.
This quote describes the hopefulness because it shows how you can choose the way you look at things.
"Then I didn’t feel like crying anymore. I felt barren, and my eyes felt dry. The sky was still gray...
"Everything was gray, the sky and the store and even my hand when I held it out in front of myself...
"I wondered if anyone else in history had ever been as sad as I was at that moment. As soon as I wondered that, I knew the answer was yes. "
This quote determines character. It shows how quick Katie is to think of others and their feelings instead of herself.
The theme of this book is about staying strong and growing up. Katie learns that life is not always easy and it may get tough sometimes.
She is able to stay strong through Lynn’s sickness and help her family cope as well.. Her family knows she is dependable.
Katie grows and learns as a person. Losing Lynn taught her about death, and how not everything is always perfect. She learns to see the world kira-kira, like her sister said.
Personal Response
This novel was touching and I’m so glad I chose it. I can connect to it because I know what it is like to lose a sibling.
Personal Response
This book truly opened my eyes and taught me to see the world kira-kira, too, just like Katie did.
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