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Suen Ching Yi

on 13 March 2014

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What is fashion blogging?
Covers the fashion industry,
clothing and personal style.

Occasionally mentions fashion are
not categorised as fashion blogs

What is fashion blogging?
1. Covers the trends :
- various apparel markets
- celebrity fashion choices
- street fashion trends

2. Gives out shopping advices or consumer recommendations

3. Works as fashion magazines to promote products

It first appeared in the blogosphere prior to 2002.
"Fashion blogs" grew from 1 in 2002 -> over 100 in 2006

Other features of fashion blogs
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Kee Wing Yan 12093119D
Law Tsui Yi Kelsey 12091413D
Suen Ching Yi 12061179D
Yu Wing Yan 12092136D
Yung Wai Shan 12052101D

ITC3404N Fashion Promotion
- Fashion Blogging

Hypebeast - Online store
Michelle Phan - Journal
Fashionista - Recruitment posts

"I started to blog about everything I was passionate about, and about my own
outfit experimentations."
Susanna Lau (Susie Bubble)
Michelle Phan
Top 3 Most Influential Fashion Blogs
#1 The Sartorialist US
#2 Hypebeast US
#3 Advanced Style US

Other fashion blogs
- The Cherry Blossom Girl (France) - Japanese Streets (Japan)
- Jak & Jil Studio (Canada) - Face Hunter (UK)
- Popbee (HK)

1. What is fashion blogging

2. How brands use fashion blogs to promote

3. Impact of fashion blogging

4. Comparison with methods

5. Conclusion

Method A: Brands having its fashion blogs
Three main considerations of brands using fashion blogs
1. Tell a story

2. Develop a clear and constent voices

3. Provide actionable content
#1: give consumers a way to participate and define themselves ( City guide and travel video)

Louis Vuitton – NOWNESS

- first venture into branded content came in PRINT the late 1990’s with the City Guides

- The Art of Travel Video on Louis Vuitton’s YouTube Channel enables all of us to experience

#2 Using visual media to spread a vision
Exposure to backstage scene of
fashion week

TOP SHOP - Inside out

- details the brand’s inspirations and
behind the scenes shots and sneak
previews of seasonal collections

#3 Instant customer service and interaction (Snapshot event)

Top Shop - Tumblur

- purely street style inspiration, mostly snapped by resident Topshop photographers

- questions and submit styled photos of themselves wearing their Topshop gear

#4 Innovative promotional possibilities
Facebook and Twitter

Forever 21 - The Skinny

- showcases Forever21 fashion and how
to incorporate them into the hottest trends of the season

- has giveaways, how-to content, and interviews galore
- video and music section

- plenty of social media buttons able readers to engage
through a range of platforms from Facebook to Twitter

Contests on instagram
#5 Provide convenience
(Shop Online)

Mango - Keep the beat

- keeping readers informed about the latest trends and Mango products

- provide links to allow you to shop online

Freelance Fashion Blogger

Amiee Song

Instagram: 1.3M followers
Blogging since: Oct.2008
Ocuupation: Interior Designer, Fashion Blogger, Youtuber
Favorite spots to shop: H&M, Anarchy Street, Zara, vintage and thrift stores
Favorite designers: Miuccia Prada, Isabel Marant, Rag & Bone, Givenchy, Alexander Wang
Why you think style blogs are so important right now? Because consumers are more likely to have a personal connection with a style blogger than with a magazine.

Freelance Fashion Blogger

Amiee Song

Blogging since:
Interior Designer, Fashion Blogger, Youtuber
Favorite spots to shop:
H&M, Anarchy Street, Zara, vintage and thrift stores

Favorite designers:
Miuccia Prada, Isabel Marant, Rag & Bone, Givenchy, Alexander Wang
Why you think style blogs are so important right now?
Because consumers are more likely to have a personal connection with a style blogger than with a magazine.

Example: Juicy couture
Feathure each other in their page and blog(win-win)
Buy an Advertisment in their blogs
directly link to their websites
Guest Editor
- Holding exclusive event at the same time
- Closer relationship with the readers and fans
- More persuasive as a guesteditor(believed to be more
Gift Giving
Maintain a close relationship with the bloggers
- Promote their neswest items Get a feature in their blogs: Piperlime
Fashion Show Invitation
eg. Victoria’s Secret, NYFW: Tommy Hilfiger
- Backstage visit
- Quickest review than all the medias
eg. Instagram, Twitter etc.

Attract more viewers
Vogue Sunglasses by Sunglass Hut
Find bloggers that suit their new collection and image

Clothing Sponsors
- Company offering free clothings
- Get a feature from the bloggers
- Beneficial to small company
“Shop her closet’’
- Can be linked to every pieces she worn (ootd)
The Impact of Fashion & Beauty Blogs
Impact of Fashion Blogs - Brand
A. Brand
1. Small price for / Free source of advertising
2. Educate user from local to global
3. Get closer to younger generation
4. Two-way communication
5. Build brand awareness
Impact of Fashion Blogs - Blogger
B. Fashion Blogger

Fashion Industry:
1. Influence in fashion industry increased

1. Exclusive self-expression & More comfortable to report
2. Popularity increase
3. Requires lots of responsibility

Impact of Fashion Blogs - Audience
C. Audience
1. Enable greater consumer contribution & participation
2. Customize their consumption & Gain satisfaction
3. Dynamic
4. Enjoy across the globe
Fashion Bloggers Rival Traditional Magazines
Method B: Individual blogger
Impact of Traditional Magazines - Brand
A. Primary method of spreading news of fashion trends
and products
1. Increase the consumption of their products or services-

2. Added exposure

3. A particular group of target audience
(Fashion-conscious customers)

4. Creditability(compared with internet advertising)

5. This publication approach enhances brand building

Impact of Traditional Magazines - Editor
B. Editor: manage the process of creation, development and presentation of text and image content for the fashion magazine.

1. Discover the powerful sales tool of magazine
-Example:celebrity covers/ model dressing

2. Prestigious magazines’ editors are
invitied to international fashion show

3. Work with Styling

4. identify trends
Example:Anna Wintour, Olivier Zahm,Diana Vreeland

Impact of Traditional Magazines - Reader

C. Readers

1. Credible information and way to know new trends
- gain accurate
2. Enrich shopping experience by knowing more
designers’ stories and articles
3. Fashion Photography and illustration
that create feeling cannot be replaced
4. some may have a collection of magazines
5. Change the concept of “beauty” by the magazine
model(e.g. body figure and appearance)

Fashion blogging VS Traditional fashion magazine
The Future of fashion blogging

Prediction of the evolution of fashion blogging in fashion promotion

Dominating OR Decaying?

1. Fahsion Blogging is starting to dominate fashion media
more access to the world’s most important fashion people and events

2. tend to have more followers and large customer pool

3. Brand owned

4. Freelance bloggers

1. few respectful readers
2. Without professional comment of the product
3. lack of direct collaboration with brand
4. Long term objectives are ambiguous



Q & A
Thank You
-> attracted media attention
->highly profitable
->new media business

Who is the very first fashion blogger?
When and why did fashion blogging exist?

Huge debate over this question!
- There is no exactly answer

Kathryn Finney’s blog : The Budget Fashionista
(one of the first fashion blogger)
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