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Heat transfers

No description

layten Briggs

on 17 December 2013

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Transcript of Heat transfers

Heat transfers
The main idea of heat
the transfer of thermal energy(T.E.) with no overall transfer of matter
A transfer of T.E. with no transfer
of matter
thermal conductors
a material that conducts thermal energy well
material that conducts energy well
the transfer of thermal energy when particles of a fluid move move from one place to another.
A transfer of energy that moves from one place to another
the transfer of energy by waves through space
transfer of energy by waves
thermal insulators
A material that conducts thermal energy poorly
something that conducts energy poorly
the study of conversions between thermal energy and other forms of energy
study of conversions between thermal and other energy
pumping a tire
throwing a ball
1st law
states that energy is conserved
energy that is conserved
2nd law
thermal energy can flow from colder objects to hotter objects only if work is done on the system
these are the 8 main heat transfers
presented by Layten Briggs

passing sand bags
a oven
a stove
a person
wood or
double-pane windows
pumping a
bike or
pushing a
a refrigerator
or a freezer
a camp fire or
a pot over a stove
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