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Biology Project (Aid scrapbook)

No description

Danielle Koerner

on 8 April 2013

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Transcript of Biology Project (Aid scrapbook)

Biology as it relates to: Myself personally (strengths & weaknesses)
Middle School Students
High School Students
World Issues (global)
and Creativity Biology Club: Biology Convention: Biology High School Students that are interested in Biology and helping the unclean water crisis in other countries
exploring the biological effects of unclean water on the human system and what we can do to help that. Purpose: to teach middle school students about biology, specifically some of the organelles (5) in the animal cell and their functions, with the use of several different types of media including power points, handouts, activities, and experiments. Date and time: July 18th, 2012 from2:00 to 4:00 PM
At: Bentonville Public Library There were 30 5th and 6th graders that genuinely seemed to be interested and wanted to be there. I thought that most would come because their parents made them, but that wasn't the case. Biology Shoes
Biology Drawings Pre-Medical Institute: Example of my H and P

Picture of Organs and Stethoscope Action: Teen Cancer Challenge with the Biology Club How this has impacted me:

Read Journal entry from Biology convention Show the Folder of materials Cell Membrane (Active and Passive Transport) Cell Membrane Active and Passive
Brain Pop Video "Active Transport"
Explaining Selective permeability
Explain the concentration gradient
Explain Dynamic Equilibrium ACTIVITY: Diffusion (food coloring activity)
ACTIVITY: Active Transport (tomato in salty and distilled water Vesicle/ Vacuole: (exocytosis and Endocytosis) Steps and progressions of Endocytosis and Exocytosis
Flip-book of progressions of Exocytosis/Endocytosis
Youtube video "Cell Membrance, exocitosis & Endocitosis.
1. Pipe cleaners and make them into two circles
2. Put the smaller one inside the larger
3. Put candy inside the smaller circle
4. Join the pipe cleaners with one another and make the candy leave the cell (this is exocytosis)
5. The opposite would be Endocytosis.
Show slides from the Vacuole Centriole: (Mitosis and Meiosis) Differences between Mitosis and Meiosis
Youtube video "Difference between mitosis and meiosis"
Brain pop video called "Mitosis"
Watch Mitosis Meiosis simulation video
ACTIVITY: pipe cleaners with templates
ACTIVITY: cancer cell calculation
Relates to the Teen Cancer Challenge Nucleus, Nucleolus, and Chromosomes: (replication and Transcription) Replication:

Transcription: ACTIVITY: strawberry DNA extraction
Explain Leading and lagging strand
Youtube video DNA replication process
ACTIVITY: Cut out DNA pieces and match them together
Difference between Purines and Pyrimadines Steps of going from DNA to RNA
Watch youTube video called TRANSCRITION
Explain the use of Uracil instead of Thymine
ACTIVITY: diagram original DNA strand and make the complementary strand of RNA with Uracil Raised money and created a team to walk and play together.

Team: "Mitotic Checkpoints,"

Planned and Initiated Activities & Collaboration with others What I am doing in the future to pursue Biology? Genetics Convention
Genetics Convention
Second Biology Convention
Career as a Surgeon (working in hospital) second Biology Convention Back by popular demand :) Mendelian Genetics: Dominance
What Mendel didn't account for...
Punnet Squares, Monster Genetics Career Surgery (Learned
how to Suture at Pre-Med) What I have learned about myself in the process of Biology Club, Biology Convention, Preparatory Medical Camp, and the creation of Biology related art projects... Strengths Areas of Potential Growth .Relevant Material to children (entertaining)
Activities that were relevant to kids
Ability to rally a group of people and prepare material for a group (individually)
Carrying out a fundraiser for LifeStraws
Creativity concerning shoes, pictures, etc.
Career passion & determination to fulfill Making sure that too much isn't planned
Taking into account the age of kids
Making sure that I can enjoy the things that I am currently doing instead of only looking to the future
Delegating work more than doing it all myself
Making sure that wherever I end up at University I am able to work in a hospital I have never taught a group of people outside a classroom setting, especially not to those that are younger than I am and without a teacher involved. The material I had to completely develop instead of using problems/ work from others. LifeStraws: Collaboration and long term project. This is of Global importance because we are addressing the biological basis behind the unclean water crisis in other countries of the world and doing a fundraiser for LifeStraws. Collaboration:
Pre-Medical Institute
Teen Cancer Challenge
Biology Convention (both times)
Genetics Convention (with Public Library)
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