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Copy of Reading an emerging trend or dying interest

No description

Yu Jie Law

on 9 July 2014

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Transcript of Copy of Reading an emerging trend or dying interest

Reading an emerging trend or dying interest.
Sadly, I'm inclined to agree. I think that, for a brief period of a century or two, mass education tended to hide the fact that most people simply lack the imagination to enjoy reading... now that pop culture has created other things that can take its place that have the appearance of imaginative stimulus without truly calling in imagination, reading once more is becoming something which will appeal only to the few. Even the mass of what's been written during that time has been of relatively evanescent value. So I very much fear that, yes, as time goes on, we'll see fewer and fewer readers, and even out of those that remain, the majority will go more for unimaginative, repetitive, vapid, and poorly written pabulum rather than something with substance and integrity (just as is the case with so many films and television shows). Quality readers are, like quality in nearly everything: almost invariably the fewest in number.
I've seen nothing to support reading dying. I'm having no difficulty finding an increasing number of quality books to read, and have no shortage of friends looking for recommendations on what to read next. I haven't heard of any English departments having a shortage of students or faculty. In short, I've never seen novels so popular.

As time goes by, people always believe something good is declining, and something bad is rising. I just don't see any evidence of people reading less, reading for different reasons, or getting less out of reading.

I really think any arguments that reading is dying should be supported by sales or publication information. I just haven't seen any evidence of it.
People want entertain themselves more than educate themselves, and now, with the technology to enable personalization of media, are finally able to fulfill that desire. Texts nowdays serve mainly to entertain than to provoke critical thinking, and people are able to select whatever media suits their taste buds. While this is all well and good, the outcomes of it are going to be disastrous.
While Shadow of the Wind is a very good book, I don't support the premise that reading is a dying art. The creation and cultivation of "literature"--perhaps, but reading. No. Historically only a small percentage of the world's population has ever enjoyed reading extensively, and I believe that percentage is greater today than it has ever been.

At least, I can barely find a parking space at my local bookstore.
Peoples opinions
For me reading is a dying interest, i think school does not help to improve reading because if in the school they are forcing you to read books that you dont like so they are destroying our reading habit and our reading interest. I think that from school they start to kill our interest for reading, nowadays are a small quantity of adults that read.
In My Opinion
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