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Argument and Critical Reading

Point & Support Relevant support Adequate support Fact & Opinion Fact- true Opinion- judgment by using value words

Arsene Huang

on 4 December 2012

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Transcript of Argument and Critical Reading

Argument & Critical Reading Austin
Yu-Ting Huang
Lulzim Support FACT Point & Support
Fact & Opinon Point provide persuasive & logical evidence Relevant Support true through objective evidence argument practice critical practice Fact, Opinion, or both? understand the principles of argument, and able to use critical thinking skills through reading & writing Successful Adequate Support Opinion Value Words belief, judgment, conclusion can't be objectively prove true best great beautiful
worst terrible bad
better lovely good
worse disgusting wonderful Applicable/ directly related to point support substantial/ enough to prove the point What makes a good argument? A good argument is one in which you make a point and then provide persuasive and logical evidence to back it up. Clear details are also a crucial part of a good argument. The details will assist the key points to make the argument valid. What makes a valid argument? A valid argument is made when true facts are involved in the situation or problem that the argument is occurring for. It is a conclusion supported by logical reasons and examples. It needs to have support and plenty of it to make the argument “valid”. What role does “relevance” take place in an argument? When in an argument of some sort, there needs to be relevance. Things discussed in the argument need to be relevant to the argument and nothing else because it should only apply to what is going on with that argument. People often bring irrelevant support which can cause other stuff not related to the argument itself to escalate. Relevance makes up a good 75% of an argument. In order to make an argument have a conclusion it needs to have direct relevance to the argument. Last night a car accident happened in front of our house. This classroom is small. Fact Opinion
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