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Grayson Bradham

on 25 October 2013

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Transcript of Vampires

Vampires are very interesting creatures. They are thought to stalk people and feed on their blood. They are also thought to be partially immortal, be able to turn into bats and be able to fly.
Where vampires are found
Most vampires supposedly come from the Transylvanian region in Europe. They are thought to be able to fly and that's why they are able to attack people all over the world.
Elizabeth Bathory
Elizabeth was a vampire who would kill you and bathe in your blood. She did this because she thought it would make her look young. She also drank a princess's blood. She was a serial killer.She killed her children and bathed in there blood. She was the first real vampire.
Count Dracula
Count Dracula is probably the most recognized vampire there is. He is fake, and is based off of the famous book by Bram Stoker written in 1897. Most vampire myths are based on this book.
Elizabeth Bathory (continued)
Her children were Paul, Andrew, Anna, Ursula, and Kathrine. She was called "The First Dracula". She had 650 victims, and she was eventually punished by her family and locked in a tiny closet in her castle for 4 years. She died in that closet.
Character Traits of Vampires
A vampire hunts at night and sucks peoples blood. it doesn't really eat anything, it just drinks blood. Most of the time it has fangs then normally looks like a regular person. They come from Transylvania. They are only partially immortal, as they can be killed only when you drive a wooden stake through their heart or behead them.
Elizabeth Bathory
Peter Plogojowitz
After he died, people reported that he was haunting them during the night, there were 9 people reported dead after that. People said that he layed down next to them while they were sleeping. What they found in Peter's grave was that he was perfectly preserved and had blood covering his mouth.
Peter Plogojowitz (continued)
People wanted to open Peter's grave and casket. They got permission from the Austrian Government and they said it was okay. They opened the grave and found that his body was undecayed, his hair, beard and nails appeared to have grown. Someone said that Peter had sucked blood from the people he had killed..
Vlad the Impaler
Vlad III, prince of Wallachia in modern-day Romania, was a fearless soldier and leader. For reasons that is unknown, he began to impale his enemies with wooden stakes. Evntually, he fell in love with the practice and for any mistake in his presence, he would impale you. He was eventually overthrown and impaled himself, but not after being listed as one of the worst serial killers of all time.
Vlad the impaler
Mercy L.
Vlad the impaler
Peter plogojowitz
She lived in Rhode Island and she died when she was 19. The neighbors thought he was a vampire. They dug up her grave and her heart still had blood in it so they burned it. The rest of her remains where mixed up and gave to her brother to drink. Two months later he died. She was the last vampire in New, England.
Mercy L.
Famous Books about Vampires
"Eclipse" by: Stephenie Meyer
"Vampire Academy" by: Richelle Mead
"Breaking Dawn" by: Stephenie Meyer
"Living Dead in Dallas" by: Charlaine Harris
"Fangland" by: John Marks
"Dracula" by: Bram Stoker
There are a whole lot more books, READ THEM, unless your SCARED!
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