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Themes in Blood Wedding

No description

Aisling Davis

on 30 November 2012

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Transcript of Themes in Blood Wedding

Themes in 'Blood Wedding' - Lorca Aisling Davis The theme of Andalusian Spain and its culture is evident throughout the play, focusing on isolation within society and how important it is to conform and do what is expected of you. Fate- also ties into the themes of choice and deception. The choice on the bride’s part to marry the bridegroom, despite the fact that she still retains feelings for her ex, causes the outcome of the deaths of both men in the end of the play. There is a certain degree of irony in action because what are the chances that a woman would try to choose both men and yet lose both instead of winning one? Fate plays a very important role in the drama of Blood Wedding with its surprising twists and turns in the plot, and the final result as well. Nature- is present in Blood Wedding: the moon, the trees, the river, death (in the form of the beggar woman), the vineyard, orange blossoms,ect... These references to nature suggest that there is something in human nature that is unavoidable. Perhaps Leonardo is unable to follow social norms (by leaving his wife and running off with the Bride) because his nature will not allow him to do otherwise. This also ties into Lorcas own feeling of oppression and not being able to do what he wanted. Death- Obviously a main theme in the play, the mother seems to constantly be talking about the death of her son and husband and ofcourse at the end when the bridegroom and leonardo die. The moon and the beggar woman are also somewhat obsessed with the death of thr bridegroom and Leonardo. Major themes in each scene: Scene 1-main theme would be death as they are talking a talking about the knife and the bridegroom asks whether he should kill the Felix family (sarcastically)

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