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The Life of Tim Tebow

This Prezi is on the life of NFL American football player Tim Tebow. From his backround living to bright lights on the 50 yard line, this biography tells all.

Quinn Albertson

on 11 October 2012

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Transcript of The Life of Tim Tebow

Tim Tebow was born August 14, 1987 in Makati, Philippines. All his life he has been an amazing athlete, rising to fame Tim Tebow is now NFL American football player for the New York Jets. It was a very tough pregnancy but in 1987, Timothy Tebow was born. Tebow was born in the Philippians and moved back to Jacksonville, Florida in October of 1990. What I had hoped to learn I choose the person Tim Tebow because I think he is a great role model for people to follow. I was curios to learn more about him and his life. Why is Tim Tebow Famous? Bob and Pam Tebow are the parents of Tim Tebow. In 1986 his parents realized all the loss going around and began praying. "Father, if you want another preacher in this world give him to me. You give me Timmy and I will raise him too be a preacher." Why did I choose Tim Tebow? Tim Tebow Tim Tebow is a great football player that is inspiring in his faith and is a positive and kind athlete that people will remember for many years. The Life of Tim Tebow By:Quinn Albertson I had hoped to learn about Tebow's childhood and his rise to the NFL. Attributes Inspiring to Everyone Tim Tebow is inspiring to everyone the way he shows his faith on and off the field. Kind to Everyone Tebow makes everyone in some way feel special and is always kind. Even on his bad days he's nice and generous to include all. Courage Tebow always has faith in God and never stops believing. He has a great amount of trust and is someone you can always count on. Life Changer Tebow has put such an impact on the world with his great amount of faith, spreading the word and hoping for better life. Never Judges Nobody is Perfect! with Tebow it doesn't matter. He always looks for the best in people and tries to NEVER judges a book by its cover. Everyday Tebow is challenged with trials on and of the field being a football player. Weather it's running a play or getting traded on the jets team, he always overcomes. Tebow also has challenges with his love life. He could most likely get any girl he wanted, but he has been waiting for the right one he can be with forever. (cc) photo by medhead on Flickr Challenges and Struggles overcame by Tim Tebow When Tebow was only 7, his mother, Pam, got him tested for special learning. Only to discover he was dyslexic. Seventeen years later, NFL player Tim Tebow is sitting at the edge of the Jets field, having one of the best practices in his life. Hit it off... After winning the Heisman Trophy when he was a sophomore in college, quarterback Tim Tebow had led his team to the BCS Championship in 2009 and was drafted 25th overall by the Denver broncos in 2010, a team he led into the playoffs in 2011 season. Early Years Timothy Tebow, youngest of five children, was born in Makati Philippines August 14, 1987. Son of American parents Baptist missionaries Bob and Pam Tebow. Tim was later home schooled by his mother, and was taught all his families Christian beliefs that have also colored his medias coverage of him. Move to the NFL Standing 6'3" tall and weighing about 240 pounds, Tim Tebow was referred by one NFL couch as "the strongest human being that has ever played the position of quarterback. He was drafted in 2010 to the Denver Broncos and signed a 5 year contract to play behind Broncos QB Kyle Orton. After 5 games into the 2011 season, Tebow replaced Orton as the starting Broncos quarterback. Tebow led the team to six wins in there next games and into the playoffs. They did finally lose in the division championship to the New England Patriots, ending Tebow's first season.A few months after season came to end, March 2012, Tebow was traded to the New York Jets. Personal Life Apart from his life an skills on the field, Tebow is known for his Christian beliefs and charity work. The former is displayed often on the field known as "Tebowing" when he drops on one knee in prayer with his head down resting on one hand. The move is both widely imitated by others and widely mocked by others. I hope you enjoyed this Prezi on the life of Tim Tebow. Thank you for lisining and sitting quietly!
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