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Lyrical Dance

No description

Sarah Costello

on 19 December 2012

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Transcript of Lyrical Dance

By: Sarah Costello The Lyrical Life What is lyrical dance? Lyrical dance is the coming together
of ballet with rock/folk/pop/
alternative music and a
variety of jazz dance styles
and modern dance. Lyrical dance technique can trace it's roots directly to the Russian Vagonava method of classical ballet. The music is set to tell a story. Culture - Dance teacher and choreographer, Suzi Taylor has influenced many future teachers and choreographers by emphasizing a unique brand of musicality and expressiveness

- Mia Michaels own her own lyrical company and is considered a lyrical dance expert.

- Another big contributor to lyrical dance would be Blake McGrath who starred in "So You Think You Can Dance?" Major Contributors Some steps in a lyrical dance are pirouettes, arabesque, contractions, grande jete, shanay turns, and soutenus. Signature Dance Movements Where did it come from? Lyrical dance came from the medieval times, but wasn't official until the mid 1960s. The location is unknown. How did it change? It was originally choreographed to ballads that are slow and downbeat, it now includes many dynamic, fast-paced and sometimes thrasy peices. First appeared in it's
contemporary form
1970-1980 Emerged as a new art
form in the 1970s Gained popularity in
the 1990s Celine Dion incorporated lyrical dance in her show "A New Day" from 2003-2007 "So You Think You Can Dance" in 2005 features lyrical dancers and choreographers Relationships To
Other Dance Styles Lyrical dance combines ballet and jazz together to tell a story. Cirque Du Soleil frequently combines elements of lyrical dance in routines! The End Most dance teachers comment that it is quite difficult to teach lyrical dance to younger students, as they simply lack the ability to convey emotions they have yet to experience to any great degree. Lyrical dance is often performed with toes pointed in partner lifts or in leg lifts. Common practice now often demands leg lifts with toes flexed, which is much more challenging to one’s flexibility. Choreography frequently features partners, as interpreting ballads often means interpreting the intensity of love relationships, or lost love. Lyrical is unique in the fact that there is never a right or wrong way to dance. Your movement is always different from others dancers movement. When a choreographer is choreographing for a lyrical piece they often times choose a story to express during the dance. Sometimes the dance will tell a story of an experience, most of the time death or cancer, and hope that the dancer/dancers will deliver the performance and emotional energy levels. Works Cited http://www.llstudents.org/dance/lyrical.html




www.youtube.com Some Good Songs To Dance Lyrically Too: I Believe--Blessid Union Of Souls
Belief--Gavin Degraw
The Freshman--Theverve Pipe
Time --Chantal Kreviazuk
I Will Remember You--Ryan Cabrera Costume During performances it is typical for the female to wear a long dress with spandex shorts underneath.
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