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Week 11, Lecture 1 - APA and Review

No description

Megan Brown

on 21 March 2017

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Transcript of Week 11, Lecture 1 - APA and Review

APA & Review
Stage Review
Next Class:
Part 4
Read Word Journeys Chapter 4
Case Study Part 4 Questions?
Why APA?
Work with your partner to visit all of the different stages
Do at least two or three activities at each stage
What are the questions you ask?
Before you leave, brainstorm in the speech bubble what you know about that stage
Brown (2015) states that, "when citing in APA format, you should always put the year after the author's name" (p. 23).
When the sentence talks about something mentioned by someone else, you should cite the source at the end of the sentence (Brown, 2015).
"If you are citing a specific quote, the author, year and page number should be in the sentence or in the citation at the end" (Brown et al., 2015, p. 2)
Brown, M. & Brown, J. (2015). Title of

the article in lowercase letters.
The Reading Teacher, 2
(1), 235-237. doi: 2348.438922983
(Brown & Brown, 2015)
First time, stating it write the citation:
(Brown, Brown & Brown, 2015, p. 2)
Think about your student
Find an activity that could help your specific student

Think about how it could target a skill that they are "using but confusing"
Ask any questions that you might have about Part 4

Sign up under your student's spelling stage on the sheet by the index cards
(What is the highest DSA feature assessment you were able to give?)
Page Number: Right Aligned
Header: Left Aligned
Intro and questions
Part 4 questions
Review APA
Review Stages
Connect to Classroom Instruction
Preview Next Class
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