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Zeina Kittaneh

on 5 May 2013

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Transcript of temp1

A specific technique used to exploit vulnerabilities A weakness in the software or hardware that can be exploited by a threat Denial of service (DOS)
Man-in-the Middle
Back Door
A Trojan horse Types of Attacks include: VM solution should provide the capability to scan for and fix vulnerabilities in a broad range of categories, including:

Authentication systems Bypass, e.g. Trojan horse.
Challenging the cryptography by systematically trying different keys, eg. Brute force attacks.
Firewall attacks.
General Remote Services.
Exploitation of Simple Network Management Protocol.
Exploitation of Transmission Control Protocol and Internet Protocol.
Exploitation of Voice-over-IP protocol Remote Desktop Protocol Server.
Obsolete System.
OWASP: e.g XSS. Examples on vulnerabilities: Security Submitted By: Yaman Salem
Zeina Kittaneh Supervised By: Dr. Naser Abu Zaid An Najah National University Faculty of Engineering
Communications Engineering Department Outline: The goal of security
Identifying attacks, threats , Vulnerabilities Vulnerability management and tools -(Nessus). Testing a scanning tool. IDS principle of working ,types and modes. Snort IDS components and testing.
Conclusions and Future plane. Confidentiality:
Protecting information from unauthorized people.

Modification or deletion is done only by authorized people.

Information and equipment has to be accessible when needed to those who are authorized users. The Goals of Security Availability Security Modes Confidentiality Integrity Threats Attacks Vulnerability An activity that presents a danger to the resources or data A specific technique used to exploit vulnerabilities A weakness in the software or hardware Key Words : for example an easy to guess passwords is a vulnerability that allows hackers to gain unauthorized access to confidential data. For instant, someone could capture the communications between a user and a website requested by the user, this may lead to user’s personal information disclosure. Denial of service (DOS) Spoofing Virus Worm Examples on attacks: Vulnerability Management (VM) A cyclic process aims to find and eliminate network
vulnerabilities. Scanning Tools: Testing Nessus Scanning on PC Website Intrusion Detection System (IDS) A computer or other device running software that can detect unauthorized activity on your network, log this activity and generate an alert - Signature-based detection (rules-based detection):
It looks for network traffic that matches one of the attack signatures to identify an attack.

- Anomaly detection:
creates a profiles that contain normal activities , any abnormal events triggered as alerts Detection Methods Critical resources_where attacks are expected to occur. Where to place sensors? Host Based IDS (HIDS) Types of IDS: Network Based IDS (NIDS) snort is NIDS, uses Signature-based detection.
جزء من ا Why Snort IDS ? Alerts types True negative : There is an attack and IDS discovered it . CIA
False positive : IDS thinks that there is an attack but really there is no attack (annoying) it create alert noise that can hide a real attack and can be a time consuming Motivation: Increased Attacks on Telecommunication networks Lack of sufficient number of specialists in security field in Palestine Security Solutions Firewall
VPN (virtual private network)
IPS (Intrusion Prevention system)
IDS (Intrusion Detection system) Improving IDS Snort Components Conclusions: MBSA OpenVas Nessus Freeware Nessus IDS is one of the most useful security solutions.

Snort is one of the popular IDS sensors, but it has some limitations.

Modification of snort rules isn't an efficient way to avoid them.

Nessus is considered one of the best VM tools. Preparing for future work: False negative: attack was missed by IDS and IDS didn't alert on it (represents a real risk) Free
Support platforms (Windows7 ,
Linux ,Ubuntu)
IDS "Sensor for attacks" Limitations scanning Tool stored in Our Project Idea Demo trials:
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