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Jayden Romich

on 8 October 2013

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Transcript of Lalemant

Father Jerome Lalemant
Where is he from?
Studied philosophy at Pont-a-Mousson (1612-1615)

Studied theology at the College de Clermont (1619-1623)
Father Jerome Lalemant was born in Paris, France, April 27, 1593.

Lalemant lived in his hometown of Paris, France from 1593-1639.

Father Jerome Lalemant
Jerome Lalemant was a French Jesuit Priest. He joined the Jesuit training camp in Paris, in 1610. Through his life at just a young age he studied philosophy and theology. He then led to become a teacher, principal, and a spiritual adviser at several colleges and boarding schools.
In 1638, Lalemant was named the superior for the Huron Mission.

In 1639, he and his crew made their mission and arrived in Canada, just west of Quebec.

This place, was named in the field of "Sainte-Marie-des-Hurons" this was the base, for their 10 year lasting mission.
At the time, Canadian religious history was in need of a better religion life.

In 1644 Father Jerome Lalemant was named superior of the Canadian Jesuits, and became a director while living in Quebec.
Paris, France
He then ventured too and settled down in Canada. Where he later died in Quebec City, on January 26, 1673.
After finishing his study of theology he started teaching philosophy and science at the College de Clermont (1623-1626).

He then became a minister at this college for 2 years, and soon after, a principal (1629-1632).

In 1636, he returned to the college to become a spiritual adviser.
During his time as the Canadian Jesuit, there was minor disturbance from the Iroquois in trying to shut down his mission.
Back in France, under the leader vicar of Bishop Laval. Laval appointed Lalemant back to Quebec for a second mission in bringing their society's religious view back to Canada.

Not only with the disturbance of the Iroquois men, at the beginning of the mission, Lalemant had 22 donnes(given men) and the "lay brothers," (who were responsible for the domestic tasks) to accomplish this long running mission. These men were unfortunately not capable enough to keep up with the constant development of the mission.
With the events that happened, the Huron mission came to a devastated end. He headed back to France in 1650 to plead the cause of this failed mission.
In his second mission back in Canada, Lalemant was successful, just like he had mainly been his whole life. He continued to solidify the French Jesuit religion mission into Canada's history.

Lalemant is known for his writings of information in the great religion, society, and political view of that current time in Canadian history.

Within the two periods of his running in Canada, it is quoted that Lalemant "is said to have put the finishing touches to a Huron catechism in which he had brought together the principal truths of religion"
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