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The West African Giraffe...

No description

Molli Gross

on 18 February 2014

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Transcript of The West African Giraffe...

Biotic Limiting Factors
A biotic limiting factor is increase in predators which would decrease the giraffes population because the more predators there are, the more food that is needed to survive. Which will cause the giraffe's population to decrease because there are more predators eating them.
The West African Giraffe...
The West African Giraffe lives in a typical desert.Tiger Bush is the habitat they live in.Trees and cacti are biotic factors in the desert.Sand and temperature are some abiotic factors.
The four organisms that make up the community are twigs, giraffes, loins, and hyenas.These animals live together in the desert.
The West African Giraffe's have a tall height and excellent eyesight which helps them alert each other when trouble is on the way.
Food Chain
Giraffa Camelopardalis is the scientific name for the West African Giraffe.These Giraffes are typically about 16-19 feet tall and can weigh up to 2,800 pounds.This type of Giraffe has light colored spots.
Abiotic Limiting Factors
Adaptation Feature
Conservation Status
Hyenas will only eat young, old
or sick lions.
An abiotic limiting factor is a forest fire because, it could burn the giraffes' food causing their population to decrease because they are starving to death.
An adaptation feature of the giraffe is their spots on their backs. These spots allow them to blend in to their surroundings and to be camouflage.
The West African Giraffe is common.Some effects that could occur if these animals ever went extinct were their predators would decrease in population without any food and their food (the producer) would increase in population because not as
many animals are eating them anymore.
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