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No description

Mykia Jones

on 26 March 2015

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Transcript of Hunger

Mykia Jones
Hunger in Baton Rouge, Louisiana
Snap Benefits
Suffer from migraines
Can not stay focus
The brain does not get the nutrients that it needs
Health Problems
Largest federal nutrition program
Low Income eligibility
Received once a month
Weight Loss
Suffering from malnutrition
Some even get cramps
Mrs. Tangie Short
One out of every 3 people struggle from hunger
3 things im going to talk about
SNAP Benefits
Health Problems
Weight loss
Reasoning Behind Project
TV commericals
People on corners
My Job
Thesis Statement

Personal Growth
I learned that you should be thankful for what you do have.
I also learned so much about poverty
and hunger in Baton Rouge and what
I learned has definitely taken my passion for feeding America's mission to new levels.
Our local government has helped gotten rid of hunger by offering federal assistance and programs like the Greater Baton Rouge Food Bank
6 and 7th grade ELA teacher
Teaches at Greenville Super Attends Academy
Has one child
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