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Chapter 9:Women of the silk

No description

Annemarie Aldrete

on 20 May 2013

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Transcript of Chapter 9:Women of the silk

By: Annemarie Aldrete,
Nick Vlaco,
and Marina Zar The Journey Through Chapter 9 Mei-Li's death

Pei and Lin went through a Hair Dressing Ceremony.

Pei and Lin have been working at the silk factory and have been living at the sister house. What are Pei and Lin's states of mind at the beginning of chapter 9? (Happy, sad, angry, content, etc.) Why?

What type of girls are staying at the sister house?

What is Sui Ying's marriage like?

How many times has Ho Chee's marriage been postponed?

How many hours is Canton from Yung Kee? Summarizing Questions Pei-
Sui Ying-
Lee Moi-
Lau Chen- Character Chart How do you think you would feel if you were destined to marry someone you had never met? What if you married at a young age as Kung Ma did? How would you react to your situation? Warm Up Lin and Pei are starting to learn and become more comfortable with their new home with their sister.

Pei becomes close to Sui Ying and learns of her life whenever they talked in the garden. Pei becomes very curious about Sui Ying's marriage with Lau Chen.

Lin and Pei prepare for their journey to Canton. On the trip Pei and Lin discuss their childhoods.

Arrive at Canton and observe the "White Devils" and their lifestyle.

Arrive at Lin's house. (First time in 12 years) Summary Quick Overview Where are we now? Clarifying Questions Which one of Lin's brothers is getting married?

What is Opium and why does it help people "forget their lives?" Interpretive Questions What is your interpretation of Pei and Lin's journey to Canton?

Does it symbolize Pei's growth as a young woman? Open Ended Questions How will Pei's journey to Canton effect her?

What will Pei's impression be on Lin's family? Quotes " 'What is it like?' Pei finally gathered the courage to ask. 'What is what like?'
'What's it like to be with a man?' " (Tsukiyama 140) Quotes "Mei-Li thought she was with the right person. She had loved Hong, but she died because of him. This kind of love would always be a mystery to Pei." (Tsukiyama 141) Quotes " 'We only had two sets of clothes... I always wondered if there was something wrong with me, because I couldn't be more like them.' " (Tsukiyama 144)
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