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Aussie Prime Ministers

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Isabelle .w

on 18 June 2015

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Transcript of Aussie Prime Ministers

Malcolm Fraser
Paul Keating
Kevin Rudd
Kevin was australians 26th prime minister he held office from the 3rd of December 2007- 24th June 2010 and 11 weeks in 2013. following labors defeat in Septembers 2013 federal election,he resigned from parliament on the 22nd of November 2013. The Rudd Governments first act was to sign the Kyoto protocol and giving an apology to indigenous australians for the stolen generations. his deputy Julia Gillard announced on the 23rd of June 2010 that she was going to challenge him for leadership he new he was going to be defeated so that morning he resigned as prime minister.
Gough Whitlam
Julia Gillard
Gough Whitlam was the 21st prime minister of Australia he severed from 1972-1975. He went on to win the 1974 election. Gough was in the royal australian air force in the world war two and was a barrister in the following war. he was first elected to parliament in 195, representing Werriwa in the house of of representatives after serving in the royal australian air force. Gough joined australians labor party in 1945. the Whitlam government implemented a large number of new programs and policy changes
Aussie Prime Ministers
Malcolm was Australia's 22nd prime minister ,before he became prime minister Malcolm spent 10 years as a backbencher in the government of Robert menzies.he became minister of the army in 1966 under Harold Holt, and was also a minister in the Government of john gorton and William McMahon leader of the liberal party from 1975-1983. he went on to win the largest parliamentary Majority as a proportion of seats Australia political history at a subsequent election. he was the last liberal party prime minister to practice Keynesian economics.
Julia is a former australian politician who served as the 27th prime minister of Australia and the labor party leader from 2010-2013. she was the first woman to hold either position. she graduated from the university of Melbourne as a bachelor of arts and bachelor of law in 1986.before becoming prime minister she was a deputy prime minister from 2007-2010 in Kevin Rudds government. she joined the law firm salter and Gordon specializing in industrial law before entering politics. she sometime is a guess lecturer at Adelaide university.
Paul Keating was australians 24th prime minister he held office from the 20th of December 1991- the 11th of march 1996.he was also leader of the labor party from 1991-1996. as treasurer and as prime minister he transformed australians financial system and economy. he was only 25 when he entered parliament he was one of the youngest federal parliamentarians. he later challenged Hawke for leadership in June 1991 he resigned from the government following defeat and six months later he challenged Hawke once more and became prime minister.

Wiki and primeministers.nna.gov.au for all of them. :)
By Isabelle
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