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The Revolutionary War

No description

Ria Dietz

on 13 March 2014

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Transcript of The Revolutionary War

In 1760 King George taxed unfair taxes on the 13 colonies. He was taxing unfair taxes on many goods that the colonists needed like tea, paper, paint, and stamps. King George was taxing the 13 colonies to help pay for the French and Indian war. On December 16th , 1773 the king sent tea for the colonists , but the colonists were so upset that one night the colonists dressed up like Mohawkin Indians and threw tea off board. That is called the Boston Tea Party.
In 1774 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania the First Continental Congress was made. The 13 colonies boycotted tea to stop King George from taxing them on tea. King George stopped taxing tea and taxed the 13 colonies on paper.
In May 1775 the colonists fought the First Continental Congress for American colony freedom. The Congress voted George Washington as commander and chief of the Continental Army.
The Declaration of Independence was signed in July of 1776. Twelve colonies voted, but New York was not one of them. The Declaration of Independence was read to the citizens on July 8th, 1776.
On December 25, 1776 George Washington crossed the Delaware River with his troops. When he got a cross he marched to Trenton that morning, and surprise attacked the Hessian' s. The Hessian' s were still asleep when George Washington did he surprise attack.
The Revolutionary War
By Ria Dietz
The Continental Army and George Washington set up a winter camp in Valley Forge. People brought food and clothing for the troops, but that was not enough. The troops were trying to survive the harsh winter season of 1777-1778. Strangely, not one soldier didn't starve or freeze to death. Though, over 3,ooo soldiers died.
A German officer Friedrich Von Steuben offered to train Washington' s army for free. Although he spoke no English. Washington had Friedrich Von Steuben write a training book that was changed into English language. Friedrich trained Washington' s army for hours. Von Steuben' s training made a big difference in winning the war.
In the Spring of 1778, the Continental army received more food, supplies, and troops. The English heard in Philadelphia that the French Navy was coming to help. The Americans defeated the British in two separate battles. How did the French get in the Revolutionary war? The American Congress sent Benjamin Franklin to ask the French for help. Ben got the French King to send important goods to Washingtion' s army after a lot of work.
After six years of fighting. The American Revolution was over. The Continental Army and George Washington won the war with the help of the French Navy and king. Also with the help of Friedrich Von Steuben. The English finally earned their Independence and freedom from England.
In October of 1771 the Continental Army and the French Navy battled against the British in two different battles in Yorktown.
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