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Caddo indian tribe

No description

Laura Flanagan

on 2 March 2017

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Transcript of Caddo indian tribe

Caddo Indian Tribe
Both men and women tattooed their bodies to show tribal marks. They also danced to songs like the duck dance, the alligator dance and the bear dance. They told stories about coyotes imitating animals.
The women had beaded and embroidered clothing. the men wore buffalo skin and dear skin.
They had a language that you will learn more about later. Each group of Caddo had their own accent and vocabulary that was a bit different.
They traded with the French and Spanish explores. They got guns and horses in exchange for animal skins and other items. Corn, beans, squash, pumpkins, sunflowers and goose foot were important to them. They traded Bois d'arc wood for making bows.
Pots, beading and embroidery necklaces were their main art. The Caddo tribe was famous for their great pottery.
They usually associated with 10 to 20 other groups for common purposes. They also associated with the Union Confederacy.
Tribal Roles and Government
The tribes were organized in large confederacies which would make all of the important decisions.
Medicine and Heath
Many people ate berries, corn, and other natural foods. Men hunted for meat. Most people ate buffalo for meat.
Region of Texas
The Caddo Tribe
The Caddo lived in tall grass huts.
The piney woods region is their region. They also lived in Oklahoma and Louisianan.
They believed in a supreme god named Caddi Ayo. They also believed in spirits of animals, places and natural forces. A special priest called Xinesi performed rituals. They made mounds where the barried the dead. They told stories abut coyotes imitating animals.

The Caddo had medicine men called connas. They used herbs, smoking and sweating to heal sickness. The indians used natural medicine made of plants. They used tools like sticks, and rocks.
The Caddo were usually a very peaceful tribe. They had some conflicts with some other tribes like the Choctaw, but not many.
They used blow guns,guns,arrowheads tomahawks, and bows.
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