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How Did The Eureka Stockade Impact On And Shape An Australia

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christopher starkey

on 10 December 2014

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Transcript of How Did The Eureka Stockade Impact On And Shape An Australia

More Eureka Stockade Facts
Peter Fintan Lalor
1827-Peter Lalor was born, 5th of February

1852-Lalor and his brother Richard emigrated to Australia after hearing about the gold discoveries.

1853-Peter Lalor left Melbourne for the Ovens gold diggings, Peter Lalor began the career of a gold digger.

1854-James Scobie was murdered 7 October, Peter Lalor famously led the Eureka rebellion in Ballarat, ended his mining career, and decided to become a general merchant.

1855-Peter married Alicia Dunne, finished his job as a general merchant, and was appointed as a member of the upper house.
More On Peter Lalor
The Eureka rebellion, which is known as the Eureka Stockade, is a main event in the development of Australian democracy and Australian identity.
Eureka Stockade Facts
How Did The Eureka Stockade Impact On And Shape An Australian Colony ?
Peter lalor Fact
Peter Lalor was an Irish migrant who led the rebellion of the Eureka Stockade. In his early days he was relatively disinterested in politics, but the Eureka rebellion sparked a passion for justice that began his political career.

The Eureka Flag -which was raised on Bakery Hill- represents the Southern Cross.

The Aboriginal police got treated very poorly compared to the other police.

Out of the 500 miners under the leadership of Peter Lalor, only 150 were raising the Eureka Flag on Bakery Hill.

By Christopher Starkey
Lalor is pronounced Lawler
Born in Ireland in 1827, Lalor migrated to Australia in 1852 and headed to the Ballarat goldfields in 1854. Although aware of the growing resentment towards the government's laws regarding diggers, Lalor was initially not involved with the miners' rebellions.
Eureka Stockade
From the early 1850s, miners coming to the Victorian goldfields were required to pay high fees for mining licences and were poorly treated and harassed by the authorities who were supposed to protect them. The government ignored the complaints of this itinerant population, who had no vote and couldn't buy land.
The Ballarat gold fields are now known as Sovereign Hill, a place where you can learn about gold and the Eureka Stockade.

When Sir Charles Hotham became the governer the licence checks became more often than before.

In 1851 there were only 50 soldiers and a few police, when the Eureka Stockade began police were recruitedfrom places near Ballarat.
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