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Susana Acevedo

on 4 June 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

By: Susana Acevedo, Cecilia Alvarado, Vanesa Aviles Personal Budget Project! Finding a career... The occupation we chose as a group was Architecture, because they earn a lot of money per year and as architects we can create new buildings with new features and provide better living space.
As architects we will each make $72,550 per year and $34.88 per each hour we work. So basically all together we will make a total of $217,650 per year.
To become an architect you must have a bachelors degree and complete 4 or more years of college Our house costs $700,000 and our monthly payment will be $8,503 per month. Our House is located at 5819 Green Oak Dr. Los Angeles, CA 90068 (Hollywood Hills) its a single family home with 4 bedrooms and 3 1/2 bathrooms.
The website we used was http://www.trulia.com/property/3109320507-5819-Green-Oak-Dr-Los-Angeles-CA-90068#photo-1 This is our house :) Finding a car... Our dog is a male Beagle puppy and he only costs $750 with all of his shots included.
We found our dog on the website www.petlandnaperville.com In case your wondering... This is a different explanation of what architects do. Finding a house... The car we are going to buy is a Volkswagen : Beetle - Classic GLS and it costs $6,900. The website we used was eBay motors.com. The income we will need to afford the car will be $500 a month. Clothes- $300 or less
Accessories- $150 or more
Shoes- $200 or less
Health and beauty products- $175 or more
Groceries- $300 or less
Phones- $300 or more
Furniture- $8,000 or less Our dog Toby! Other expenses... Thats Toby First Year: $400-$800 ( includes vaccinations, worming & spaying or neutering. Spaying or neutering run between $35 (for low cost) to $200)
Adult years: $200-$500 (includes annual checkups, booster vaccinations, parasite control, and illness and accidents)
Senior years: $300-$500 Seniors have the expenses of adults, plus annual blood tests.
Food $15-$60 (and up) per month. Costs are less for smaller dogs and adults.
Accessories $20-$100 (per year) ex: collars, leashes, toys, crates, dog beds, cute outfits.
License $0-$60 (per year) the fee for spayed and neutered dogs is often less than that for intact dogs which may be $100 or more in some places. Doggie stuff Table c: Thanks for watching!! Income Architects
72,550 per year (annual income)
5% income tax
72,550 *0.05 = 3,627
72,550 (original income) – 3627 (income tax) = 68,923
Social security
68,923 * 0.0765 = 5,272
68,923-5,272=63,651 ( income for each)
63,651*3 = 190,953 ( all together ) By: Cecilia Alvarado, Vanesa Aviles, Susana Acevedo c: Personal Budget project Our house!
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