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Design Project Presentation

No description

Tomi Are

on 17 March 2014

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Transcript of Design Project Presentation

Block Flow Diagram
Process Description
Plant Layout
Economic Analysis
Group BM
Design Project
Outline of Presentation
Design Decisions
Block Flow Diagram
Process Flow Diagram
-Risks and safety consideration
-Public acceptability
-Global warming issues
System Boundary
Distribution of Carbon Footprint and Other Results
Cumulative Cash Flow Diagram
Plant Layout
Functional unit:
Production capacity per annum
Safety and Risk Consideration
HSE consideration
Total carbon footprint
= 367,007.8 tonnes per f.u.
Total carbon dioxide produced

= 11,500 tonnes per year
Variable Costs
Capital Cost- [Total: £28.1m]
Cost of utilities
Product and by-product revenue
Cumulative Cash Flow Diagram
Raw material sensitivity analysis
Economic Analysis
Production rate of Ethylene Glycol is 110 Thousand tonnes per year
Produce Ethylene Oxide
Purchase Ethylene
Produce Oxygen
Capital cost and product revenue
Sensitivity Analysis
India has a large Ethylene Glycol market
India - Large sources of Ethylene
Market demand will continuously rise
India has very low labour cost
Location Justification
Any Questions
Alarm and control system
- Lost prevention and protection
Think yellow. Choose Us Thank You For Listening
Costs of production
Worker safety training
Emission and waste released control
- Restriction of the country
- People acceptability
Project Investment
This project requires £29.5m
from the investors
Production of Ethylene Glycol
Group BM
Anuoluwatomi Are
Mohit Wadhwani
Thikumporn Rungruang
Vikar Hussain
Yat Wah Tsui
Kieren Smith
Abdullah Maghrabi
13th May 2013
Fixed Capital Investment
Dr. Nasir Al-Lagtah
Dr. Lande Liu
Dr. Arthur Garforth
Dr. Colin Webb
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