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Adverbs of Frequency

How to use Adverbs of Frequency in Simple Present tense.

Euge Cismondi

on 1 October 2012

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Transcript of Adverbs of Frequency

FREQUENCY come before the main verb Adverbs of frequency I usually go to school by bike. He never drinks coffee for breakfast. . . . play football? . . . study for your exams? How often do you... . . . play football? I often play football. I seldom study for my exams. . . . do you brush your teeth? I always brush my teeth. . . . do taekwondo? I never do taekwondo. How often... . . . does she go to the cinema? Once a week. . . . do you have a shower? Every day. . . . does Peter go to piano lessons? Twice a week, on Mondays and Wednesdays. Once a year. . . . do they go on holidays? . . . do you phone your friend? Four times a day. let's practise! Put the word in brackets ( ) in the correct place: 1-Carl goes out with his friends. (always)

2-Tanya and her dad play and sing together. (sometimes)

3-They have lunch at a fast food restaurant. (usually)

4-They meet at their local shopping centre. (often)

5-Tanya uses the computer. (rarely)

6-Pam plays the guitar. (never) More exercises! Ask and answer some questions. Use "how often...?" - How often do you do your homework?
- I rarely do my homework.
- How often do you have English classes?
- I always have English classes on Mondays. tell us how often we do an activity. We use "How often" when we want to know how regularly someone does something. We can answer "How often..?" questions using adverbs of frequency. But we can use other expressions of time to answer "How often...?" questions. How often...
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