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$ajad $ajadpour

on 5 January 2013

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CSEB223 Lecturer: Encik Mohd. Zaliman bin M. Yusof Group Members: Luqman Hakim B. Muhammad Hafni SW083412
Muhammad Reza Izudin bin Mat Shaari SW087621
Khusairi B. Abdul Kudus SN089157

SYNOPSIS OF THE PROJECT The objectives of the project are:
•To improve patient registration application via website, develop appointment schedule and
report generation to identify patient details.
•To develop appointment schedule and report generation.
•To identify patient details.
•To execute all kinds of tests for a patient OBJECTIVES Most of private clinic still use paper record to keep their patient details such as payment, medicine information and patient visit record thus resulting problems regarding emergency registrations. Among those significant problems are registration efficiency, reliability of record storage and accuracy of patient information. As they keep paper record, it is inefficient for the staff to retrieve patient record when needed as it is hard to locate it manually. As private clinic is a registered private firm providing medical service, this system can be implemented to add and keep patient records. CLINIC APPOINTMENT SYSTEM GANTT CHART In our project, we have chosen to do a simple survey and audio recording. Below is our survey format:- -Have you ever registered with a private clinic before?
-If Yes, is your registration is done via paper or computer?
-If No, would you consider to register to a clinic in the near future?
-What is your opinion regarding current clinic registration and appointment system?
-What improvement you would like to see to the system?
-If online registration and appointment is available online, would you consider on using it?
Y/N Methodology Used Survey Survey Result Number of respondent=20 Number of respondent registered with private clinic Registration Method Respondent who will consider registering with private clinic Number of respondent who will and will not consider online clinic registration USER REQUIREMENT REQUIREMENTS / RESOURCES NEEDED
•Registration appointment development
•Registration database development
•Form design development
•Gantt chart
•Report tool (data report) PROPOSAL
•Implement online registration system for private clinic PROBLEMS
•registration efficiency•reliability of record storage and retrieval•accuracy of patient information SCOPE
As private clinic is a registered private firm providing medical services to the patients around, it can be used for maintaining patient details and their test results. This clinic appointment registration is to improve patient appointment application on website.
The function in the system:
1.New patient register application form and clerk will receive the registration.2.For patient who already has an account, they can directly login the account to make an appointment.3.Clerk will receive patient information after they submit their details from patient database.4.Clerk can view updated doctor’s schedule from doctor database.5.Doctor also can check patient’s record / details base on patient’s sickness description.6.Doctor will update their schedule and pass the availability schedule to clerk to confirm the appointment.7.The system will send the appointment confirmation result through patient account and email. DATA FLOW DIAGRAM (DFD) A)Context Diagram B.Level 0 ENTITY RELATIONSHIP DIAGRAM (ERD) SYSTEM’S INTERFACE CONTRIBUTION OF TEAM MEMBERS
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