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No description

Simon Redfern

on 11 December 2012

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Transcript of SCDC

Why us? Objective:
Be the "go-to" charity on personal debt A step change on personal debt What is our strategy? What does this tell us? You have some great strengths The Campaign We recommend An evidence-led campaign on personal debt Core messages new brand
evidence base
research There are some BIG opportunities debt is topical
it’s a cross-party issue
solutions are needed But also some threats new brand
role of MAS
Banking Levy "duplication"
your relationship with the Conservatives?
A partner approach to tackling debt (lenders, advice sector, politicians) You want these audiences to act The public affairs campaign will target and lenders use media and social media to amplify the messages to your target audiences, and to reach consumers directly. The solution: We know what works – we can end debt and improve lives Campaign tactics Thought leadership Policy engagement Active intervention Grassroots action Partnership with lenders Why a campaign? Because a campaign brings: focus, impact and results. It’s an urgent issue! Political audiences stakeholders opinion formers and be intermediaries to the end consumer A campaign that calls for: Early intervention on debt (before problems occur and at key trigger points) A level playing field for the free advice sector The Problem: Personal debt – everyone pays Why now: It’s time for a step-change on personal debt A call to action: Act now, act early on debt The solution: Free advice – the right advice for people in debt Using your research from PFRC Research recommends it Leverage behavioural insights from research

David Halpern, Nudge Unit, No 10

Shaun Bailey, Civil Society team, Cabinet Office

Develop research on "snowball method" from US

Suggested think tanks: Policy Exchange/Social Market Foundation Banking Levy: leverage CSR benefits to banks of StepChange Debt Charity service

Establish formal relations with the BBA (Anthony Browne, CEO)

Developing senior level engagement with individual banks e.g. Joe Garner (HSBC) and Katherine French (Barclays)

Evidence base that advice leads to better outcomes/lessens societal/social impact of indebtedness

Contributes to notion of 'big society' for Conservative modernisers

Offers demonstrable benefit of good behaviours leading to positive outcomes Nick Hurd MP, Civil Society, Cabinet Office
Jo Swinson MP, BIS (Consumer Affairs)
Sajid Javid MP, Economic Secretary HMT
Lord Sassoon, HMT
David Laws MP, Education
Helen Grant MP, MoJ
Mark Hoban MP, DWP
Andrew Tyrie MP, Treasury Select Committee
Graham Stuart MP, DfE Select Committee
Adrian Bailey MP, BIS Select Committee
Anne Begg MP, DWP Select Committee Relaunch the research in Parliament Focus on the debt map tool Audiences Use debt map to provide constituency data on debt hotspots Engage Number 10 on "D" Day D day A warning siren to MPs to take this issue seriously Online tool and targeted constituency outreach to areas with high service use. Frank Davies, Child Poverty Unit
Ruth Shinoda, Child Poverty Unit One to one meetings Support MPs at advice surgeries Anthony Frieze Tom Bage Simon Redfern Kate Levine Lenders bolstered consumer optimism

Lender limits on what people can borrow

Credit limits proportionate to earnings

Ask more questions before advancing further credit

Intervention from lenders for pre-arrears help

More advertising by free-to-client debt services Research findings Press home message that pay day lending makes debt worse

Continue to comment in media

Maintain links with BIS SC allies and backbenchers

Plan for FCA new responsibilities 1. We're natural campaigners 2.We're genuinely cross party PS. We'll help run this campaign - but also support you day to day Questions? 3. We know the sector
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