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Raymond's Run

No description

Alex Matsunaga

on 1 October 2013

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Transcript of Raymond's Run

Plot Line
Squeaky, Raymond, Gretchen, and Gretchen's crew is introduced.
Squeaky's love of running is told
Rising Action
Squeaky and Raymond see Gretchen and her sidekicks and clash.
Squeaky and Raymond show up to the race
Squeaky was told that she should let someone else win
The race starts
Squeaky, while running the race, sees Raymond run with her
Falling Action
Squeaky wins first place and Gretchen won second
Squeaky thinks of retiring from running and train Raymond
Squeaky thinks about starting to be friends with Gretchen
Squeaky and Gretchen finish the race
Raymond's Run
By Toni Cade Bambara
Presentation by Nicholas Kruegler and Alex Matsunaga

Literary Devices
Stream of Conciousness
"The big kids call me Mercury...He [father] can beat me...I'm the fastest and that goes for Gretchen, too, who has put out the tale that she is going to win the first-place medal this year."
Her rambling can tell many things details about the story such that she the fastest and that she doesn't like Gretchen in a short time
Direct Characterization-
"In the second place, she's [Gretchen] got short legs. In the third place, she's got freckles."
This directly explains gretchen and helps the reader visualize the story
"I was once a strawberry in a Hansel and Gretel pageant when I was in nursery school...You'd think they'd know better than to encourage that kind of nonsense...I do not dance on my toes. I run. That is what I am all about."
This flashback shows what Squeaky thinks of her as a girly girl.
Characteriztion Poem
Works Cited
About the Author
Toni Cade Bambara was born on March 25, 1939
She got her bachelors in Theatre Arts and English from Queens college.
She published her first book, "Sweet Town" in the magazine Vendome.
She wanted to describe the urban black communities without using any stereotypes
Nonfiction Piece
Amputees speak of overcoming adversity at conference
Mercury is a great symbol for Squeaky
Squeaky is a very fast runner
The God Mercury is the swift messenger of the Roman gods
Squeaky also is called Mercury in the short story
Toni Cade Bambara. "Raymond’s Run." The Language of Literature. Ed. McDougal Littell. Georgia Edition. Evanston: Houghton Mifflin Company, 2003. 148-156. Print.
Edelhart, Courtenay. "Amputees speak of overcoming adversity at conference." Bakersfield Californian, The (CA) 05 Oct. 2012: Newspaper Source. Web. 23 Sept. 2013.

Courtenay Edelhart
The Ironman is a triathlon that includes running, biking, and swimming
In the nonfiction piece, Sarah Reinertsen did the Iron Man Race despite only having one real leg and one prosthetic leg
The first time she finished the bicycle part 15 minutes past the deadline and was disqualified
Both of those were obstacles she had to overcome
Squeaky's greatest passion is running so the Iron Man relates to the story well
Things we learned today
Why Toni Cade Bambara writes
The plot line of "Raymond's Run"
How the God Mercury and Squeaky relate
Literary Devices such as Direct Characterization, Stream of Conscience, and Flashback
The characteristics of Squeaky
The Nonfiction piece about Sarah Reinertsen

Squeaky, a girl, is very fast.
She has won many competitions in the past.
In the beginning she did not care about anything but running,
she breaths in 7’s and is very cunning.
She had some enemies, like Mary Louise and Rosie
who are sidekicks to Gretchen, their favorite homie.
Near the end of the book Squeaky changed her heart in the end
She is now buddies with Gretchen who is now her good friend
Since Squeaky changed from the beginning to the ending
She is a dynamic character, and her original traits don’t cling
Her family is African American and has a brother
Another brother, a mother, and a very fast father
Squeaky’s personality is very high and pride,
But she also cares for people even if they weren’t on her side.
She cares Raymond who has some brain trouble
He was born with it and he has been inside a bubble.
Squeaky ignores people who try to make her frown
Like Mr. Pearson, but he failed to slow her down.
She has a competitive style, which is very good, indeed
It helped her win the race and took her to the lead.
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